Edwin Harrington, Son & Co.
Illustrated catalog given to Lamar Lyndon ca.1890.  The firm was located at North Fifteenth Street & Pennsylvania Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Machine Tools, ca. 1890 illustrated catalog
Edwin Harrington - Complimentary cover: Lamar Lyndon
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W e are builders of various sizes of Iron Turning Lathes ; Drill Presses, Planers, and special Machine Tools.  We will be pleased to furnish correct photographs and details of such machines upon solicitation.
Have large diameters of cone, with broad belt surface, hammered crucible steel spindles; bronze metal journal bearings; lead screw for screw cutting, carriage screw, tail stock, spindle screw, back shaft studs for feed works, and feed rack, all of steel. Tail stock spindles clamped by adjustable conical binder; stationary or steady rests on all sizes; following rests on all sizes below 38 inches swing.

All sizes have power cross-feed, compound tool rest, gibbed carriage, unless otherwise ordered. 20 inches swing and larger have extra side block for turning full swing of lathe. 32 inches swing and larger, have geared face plate; 16 to 32 inches inclusive, have two face plates.

36 inches swing and larger, have plates keyed to spindle unless otherwise ordered. Carriages have long arms, (giving greater bearing surface,) which are self-oiling, lessening the liability to cut the guides when constantly on short work.

All sites have improved geared friction feed, unless ordered for belt, so arranged that screw cutting cannot be engaged at same time as friction or turning feed. Three section cone feed gear, on end of head stock, connecting with lead screw gives a positive feed, and enables a change more quickly than a belt.

All of our lathes have cut gearing, and are furnished with countershaft, hangers, pulleys, steel wrenches, wrought iron handles, bolts and nuts, case hardened. Feed rack made of steel put on in sections. All centers are fitted with Morse Twist Drill, standard taper. Taper attachment furnished when ordered.

Our lead screws are cut from a master screw direct from the Whitworth standard, and carefully kept for proving the working screw of our screw threading lathe, and secures accuracy of screw cutting on all lathes built by us, AN IMPORTANT ITEM to the BUYER.
Axle Box Reaming Machine.
Boring Mills—Vertical.
Boring Mills—Horizontal.
Bridge Drill.
Bolt Lathe.
Boring Lathes for car brasses [No photo or description present - GL, III, ed.]
Centering Machine—Vertical.
Centering Lathe—Horizontal.
Chucking and Boring Lathe.
Chucking and Boring Lathe (Gap Pattern).
Skinner Lathe Chucks.
Cushman Lathe Chucks.
Horton Lathe Chucks.
Chain. 118
Car Brasses—Special Lathe for Boring [No photo or description - GL, III, ed.] 14
Drills—No. 1 Suspension. 66
Drills—No. 2. 67
Drills—16-Inch Lever. 68-69
Drills—20-Inch B Pattern. 70-71
Drills—28-Inch and 36-Inch—B Pattern. 72-73
Drills—25-Inch and 36-Inch—A Pattern. 74-75
Drills—50-Inch—B—Round Table. 76-77
Drills—50-Inch—B—Square Table. 76-77
Drills—48-Inch Radial, Regular Table. 78-79
Drills— 60-Inch. 82
Drills—48-Inch and 60-In. Radial Tilting Table. 80-81
Drills—Universal Radial [No photograph or description present - GL, III, ed.]. 83
Drills—Post Radial. 84-85
Drills—Bridge Work. 86-87
Drills—Stub End. 88-89
Drills—No. 1 Multiple. 90-91
Drills—No. 2 Multiple.
Drills—No. 4 Multiple.
Drills—No. 5 Multiple. 96-97
Locomotive Frames. 98-99
Drilling Lathe Self-Feed. 54-55
Engine Lathes.
Extension Lathes, 25-Inch and 39-Inch. 41
Extension Lathes, 28-Inch and 48-Inch. 42-43
Extension Lathes, 36-Inch and 60-Inch. 45
Extension Lathes, 48-Inch and 72-Inch. 47
Elevators, Hand-Power. 142-144
Facing Lathes-25-Inch, 30-Inch, 32-Inch, and 36-Inch.
Frame Drill, Locomotive. 98-99
Grinding Machines for Rolls. 56-57
Gear Cutting Machines. 105-106
Gearing. 107
Gap Lathe. 39
Gap, Chucking and Boring Lathe. 50-51
Hoists-Patent Double Chain Screw Hoisting Machine. 119-120
Hoists-Parts of Screw Hoists.
Hoists-Patent Quick Lift Geared Hoists. 133
Hoists-Double Beam Travelling Bridge.
Hoists-Single Beam Geared Travelling Bridge & Geared Traveller.
Hoists-Overhead Track, Switch, Turn-Table, Hoist & Traveller.
Hoists-Transfer System of Overhead Rail.
Hoists-Single Track Railway, Plain Traveller.
Hoists-Patent Geared Traveller.
Hoists-Patent Combined Hoist & Traveller, Geared.
Hoists-Patent Combined Hoist & Traveller,Plain. 131
Hoists-Patent Geared Combined Hoist & Traveller, Lower Flange of Eye Beam.
Hoists-Patent Quick Lift Geared Hoists.
Hoists-Patent Overhead Tramway Switch.
Hoists-Patent Turn-Table.
Index, continued.
Hoists-Winch. 138
Hoists-Jib Crane. 139
Hoists-Wall Crane. 140
Hoists-Circular Track Radial Geared Hoist & Traveller. 141
Horizontal Boring Mill. 26
Horton Chucks. 62-63
Hand-Power Elevators. 142-144
Lathes-16-inch Engine. 6-7
Lathes-19-inch Engine. 9
Lathes-20-inch Engine. 10-11
Lathes-25-inch Engine. 12-13
Lathes-28-inch Engine. 15
Lathes-30-inch Engine. 23
Lathes-32-inch Engine. 24-25
Lathes-36-inch Engine. 26-27
Lathes-38-inch Engine. 28-29
Lathes-42-inch Engine. 31
Lathes-48-inch Engine. 32-33
Lathes-25-Inch & 39-Inch Extension. 41
Lathes-28-Inch & 48-Inch Extension. 42-43
Lathes-36-Inch & 60-Inch Extension. 44-45
Lathes-48-Inch & 72-Inch Extension. 46-47
Lathes-Shafting. 18-19
Lathes-For Boring Car Brasses [No photo or description present - GL, III, ed.] 14
Lathes-Taper Attachment. 16-17
Lathes-16-Inch Bolt. 20
Lathes-16-Inch Nicking. 21
Lathes-Facing, 25-Inch, 30-Inch, 32-Inch, 36-Inch. 34-35
Lathes-Rockershaft. 36-38
Lathes-Chucking and Boring. 48-49
Lathes-Chucking and Boring, Gap Pattern. 50-51
Lathes-Horizontal Centering, 2 spindles. 52-53
Lathes-Polishing, 24-Inch. 52-53
Lathes-Drilling, self-feed. 54-55
Lathes-Gap. 39
Locomotive Frame Drill. 98-99
Lever Drill, 16-Inch. 68-69
Multiple Drills. No.1. 90-91
Multiple Drills, No. 2 & No.4. 93-95
Multiple Drills, No.5. 96-97
Nicking Lathe. 21
Pipe-Cutting Machine. 114-116
Straightening Machine. 115-116
Planers. 100-102
Planer Chucks. 103
Planer Centers. 104
Polishing Lathe, 24-Inch. 52-53
Post Drill. 64-65
Radial Drill, Post Pattern. 84-85
Radial Drill, 48-Inch. 78-79
Radial Drills, Tilting Table. 80-82
Radial Drills, Post. 84-85
Roll Grinding Machine. 56-57
Rockershaft Lathe. 36-38
Shafting Lathe. 18-19
Shafting Rest, Three-Tool.
Stub End Drill. 88-89
Skinner Lathe Chucks. 58-59
Suspension Drills. 66-67
Speed or Polishing Lathe. 52-53
Tapping Machine. 117
Taper Attachment for Lathes. 16-17
Universal Radial Drill [No photograph or description present - GL, III, ed.] 83
Vertical Centering Machine. 110-111
Vertical Boring Mill. 108-109
Wall or Post Drill. 64-65