Edwin Harrington, Son & Co.
Illustrated catalog given to Lamar Lyndon ca.1890.  The firm was located at North Fifteenth Street & Pennsylvania Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Machine Tools, ca. 1890 illustrated catalog
Edwin Harrington Improved Planer Centers, page 104

Designed for heavy work, provided with an improved
index of four circular plates or disks, each 7/16 inch thick and 12 inches diameter, accurately cut with 48, 110, 126 and 140 notches, respectively (giving a wide range of divisions, and these plates arc readily taken off and others substituted, with different numbers for special work). These plates being cut through like a gear, gives a much stronger pin than a drilled index. This index is revolved by means of a worm, and gear, which are readily disconnected (by loosening one bolt), when not required. Tongues are inserted in bottom of head and tail stocks, and are readily taken out and fitted to the slot in any planer (by planing or filing off one side) without destroying the alignment.

The spindles, worm and screw are of steel.

13-inch, $35.00.
20-inch, $60.00.