Edwin Harrington, Son & Co.
Illustrated catalog given to Lamar Lyndon ca.1890.  The firm was located at North Fifteenth Street & Pennsylvania Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Machine Tools, ca. 1890 illustrated catalog
Edwin Harrington Twenty-Inch Drill, page 70
(B. Pattern.)

Has straight column well braced and adjustable sliding head; large base plate 18 x 50 inches; adjustable table, 18 inches diameter; automatic geared feed, 3 changes. Steel spindle is counterbalanced, and has quick return; may be operated by either hand or power feed; bored to suit Morse Standard Twist Drill Taper; has vertical traverse of 10 inches; greatest distance spindle to base plate, 51½ inches; shortest, 33½ inches; longest distance spindle to table, 34 inches; adjustment of sliding head, 18 inches. Table is carefully fitted and turns in bracket arm, which raises and lowers 19 inches and swings on column. Sliding head and spindle have each independent balance weight, four section driving cone, back geared, giving 8 changes of speed to spindle; counter-cone; driving pullies 12 x 3½ inches, to run 200 turns per minute, on base of machine, giving long belt between cones.

Shipping weight, 1,400 lbs.           $300.00
Boxing for foreign shipment, $