Edwin Harrington, Son & Co.
Illustrated catalog given to Lamar Lyndon ca.1890.  The firm was located at North Fifteenth Street & Pennsylvania Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Machine Tools, ca. 1890 illustrated catalog
As shown by cut, this lathe is furnished, if desired, with regular turning rest and face plates, so that it may be used for ordinary work, as well as for shafting. For turning shafting we furnish specially geared tail stock; 3 tool rest; extra attachments to live spindle in place of face plate, that may be easily taken off to allow cutters to turn entire length of shaft without turning it end for end in lathe.  Swings 28 inches over shears; 21 inches over carriage; cone has 4 sections 3-1/2-inch face; back geared; Edwin Harrington 28 inch shafting lathe, pages 18 & 19
forged steel spindles; bronze metal boxes; dead spindle clamped by adjustable conical binder; hand movement of carriage by means of hand wheel and steel pinion engaging in rack on bed; steel rack, put on in sections, enabling repair of broken cogs; by supplying a new section; independent geared friction feed, cross feed and reverse feed motions, in apron attached to carriage; turning and screw-cutting feeds cannot become engaged at the same time; carriage has long beatings (giving greater bearing surfaces), which are self-oiling, thereby decreasing the liability to cut the guides when used on short work; lead screw on front of lathe is made of steel, clamped by open and shut nut; screw threads are only used when cutting threads; countershaft, hangers, pulleys, 20x8, to run 75 turns per minute; screw gearing; steady and following rests; large and small face plates; steel wrenches; wrought-iron handles; side block for turning full swing of lathe and cross feed stop are included. All gearing is cut. All pinions are steel.

With 20 feet bed; turns 4 feet shaft; compound rest; cross feed; shipping weight, lbs. $   
3 tool shafting rest, $100. See page 22.   
Geared tail stock, $
Live spindle attachment, $   
Per extra foot of bed, $   
Boxing for foreign shipment, $