Edwin Harrington, Son & Co.
Illustrated catalog given to Lamar Lyndon ca.1890.  The firm was located at North Fifteenth Street & Pennsylvania Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Machine Tools, ca. 1890 illustrated catalog

Edwin Harrington Patent Quick Lift Geared Hoists, page 133
Edwin Harrington Patent Overhead Tramway Switch, page 134
With Safety Stops.

A very desirable arrangement for transferring the load from one track to another, so that a load when once raised, can be carried to any desired point without re-handling. The switch consists of a rail moved by an eccentric jointed lever, which is worked by chain wheel and pendant chain.

The movable rail has at all times a firm support, whether in line with either fixed rail, or stopped at any point between the two, and when in line with either rail, is securely locked in position. The rails being fitted with automatic stops, the load cannot run off when switch is open.

Price, $
Edwin Harrington Patent Turn-Table, pages 136-137
With Safety Stops.

Can be adjusted to any required number of tracks, allowing the
load, when once raised, to be transported to any desired point with safety and despatch. By use of safety stops accidents cannot occur from open turn-table.

When connection is made with either track, the table is securely locked in position.

Arranged for four tracks. Price, $
Per extra track. Price, $