Edwin Harrington, Son & Co.
Illustrated catalog given to Lamar Lyndon ca.1890.  The firm was located at North Fifteenth Street & Pennsylvania Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Machine Tools, ca. 1890 illustrated catalog
Edwin Harrington 16-Inch Lever D rill, page 68

Will drill 1-inch holes. Spindle of steel, counter-balanced by sliding weight directly over spindle, same manner as larger drills, being very satisfactory and easily adjusted; fitted with Morse Twist Drill Taper, and has 6½ inches traverse; lever used in any position.

From centre of table to column, 8 inches; table, 14 inches diameter, turns in bracket arm; bracket turns on column and raises and lowers by steel rack and pinion as cut; greatest distance, end of spindle to base, 42 inches; shortest distance, 35½ inches; greatest distance spindle to table, 28 inches; shortest distance 3½ inches. Counter-shaft on base or to hang to ceiling, with two pulleys, each 8x3, to run 275 turns per minute.

Shipping weight,             lbs.   $
Boxing for foreign shipment, $