Edwin Harrington, Son & Co.
Illustrated catalog given to Lamar Lyndon ca.1890.  The firm was located at North Fifteenth Street & Pennsylvania Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Machine Tools, ca. 1890 illustrated catalog

We have patterns for 13 different styles and sizes. Various improvements have been made to render each machine quickly and readily handled by workmen from one position front of table; attention also is given to making table true with spindle, each machine being carefully inspected before and after completion; spindles, studs, shafts, of steel; cones carefully balanced; centre hole in spindle, Morse Standard Taper. All drills except lever have hand and automatic feed; spindles and sliding heads counterbalanced; the different feeds are carefully adjusted to suit the drilling of steel or cast iron without straining or breaking; on end of spindle we make large head having an oil reservoir by which oil is kept constantly between end of sleeve and washer, where greatest pressure occurs when drilling. Especial attention is asked to our method of balancing Radial Drill Spindles, being always constant and out of range of belts.
Will drill 2-inch hole in cast iron to centre of 64 inches diameter. Driving cone has 4 sections, 3-3/16 inch face; 3 changes automatic feed by belt cones: spindle counter-balanced as shown in cut bored to suit Morse Twist Drill Taper; vertical traverse.  12½ inches.    Countershaft, hangers, 2 pulleys. 16x3-3/4, to run 200 turns per minute.
Shipping weight, lbs.                       Price,   $                     Back geared,    $
Edwin Harrington Wall or Post Drill, page 65
(Back Geared.)
Edwin Harrington Suspension Drill No. 1, page 66
Drills 1/2 to 3 inches or bore 12 inches diameter; works are supported in strong iron frame, suspended from overhead joists by two iron legs or hangers, 5 feet long, which may be shortened or  lengthened to suit height of ceiling. Vertical traverse spindle, 30 inches; three speeds; automatic feed; spread of leg space on joists, 6-7/12 to  3-6/12 feet, spread of leg space on drill frame, 2-2/12 x 1-11/12 feet.

Weight, 2,800 lbs.                       Price, with table, $                     Price, without table, $
(Not back geared.)
Will drill to 2 inch hole; frame is cast-iron; diameter of larger circle, 36 inches; from joists to end of spindle, 69 inches; steel spindle; has traverse of 10 inches; hand feed by balance wheel attached to spindle; drill press and lathe spindles bored to suit Morse Standard Taper. Counter-shaft, hangers, wrenches, pulleys, 14x3½ , to run 200 turns per minute.

Weight,   lbs.                         Price, $                       Boxing for foreign shipment, $
Edwin Harrington Suspension Drill Press No. 2, page 67