Millers Falls No.2 Eggbeater Drill Type Study
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Types M/Pre-L/L and Type K & later Crank Handles

Images of crankThe crank handles of the Type M, Type Pre-L, Type L and the Type K2 are shown arranged left-to-right at left. Each of the first three cranks has a boss cast in to hold the axle of the rotating crank handle, but the Type M's handle is held with a screw carefully tapped into the crank (but loosened for the camera) the Type Pre-L's crank is held with a pin apparently press fit into that boss but whose head is peened over a washer to retain the rotating handle, and the Type L's crank handle is held by a large-headed pin riveted at the inboard side of the boss, which was drilled clear through to receive the pin. The crank handle of the Type K2 was held like that of Type L, but the crank of the Type K's and all later No.2 drills are thin steel, and so their crank handles are not so securely attached as these early three's handles. All four handles here are tropical hardwood, those of Types M and L being rosewood and those of the Type Pre-L and Type K2 being either a lighter example of rosewood or an unidentified wood.