Section IV  Massey Appendices One Maryland Massey Family by George Langford, Jr. 1901-1996
©Cullen G. Langford and George Langford, III, 2010

Worcester County Masseys

The lists below were gleaned from the master list for all Eastern Shore counties in Maryland.

Data for individual Masseys are left in the bottom table on this page.

Mainly new material is listed here, in the upper table - George Langford, III, editor.

Family associations; approximately in chronological order. 
[Parents} ==> [children]

Land Parcels



Alexander Massey (I) married Sarah ==>
John (A.) Massey (I) married _____ ==>
Alexander Massey (II) (& wife Sarah Jane), John (A.) Massey (II) (& wife Eliza Jane), Kendall Massey (I), Daniel Massey, Louisa Massey Powell and Rachel Massey

North Petherton, Nathans Chance, Unity, Quillins Pasture, Buck Ridge, Penny Street, Silver Street, Pleasant Lott, Addition to Cathells Luck, Freemans Lot, Carmel, Black Ridge and Eagle Choice, Holly Grove, Privilege, Cumberland, Second Privilege Conclusion

1700 - 1853

Worcester County: GMH:8:474; A:487; B:257F:452; S:355; Z:460; AA:255; AT:421; AW:326; AW:360; AX:370; AY:121; JCH:1:208; GMH:8:491; EDM:1:406; EDM:4:478; EDM:5:280

John Marsey (Massey) married ____ ==> John Marsey (Massey) and Athins (Atkins) Marsey (Massey)

North Petherton


Worcester County: A:516

Alexander Massey (unknown generation) married ____ ==>
William Massey married ____ ==> Johnson Massey

Carmon, Carmel

1750 - 1765

Worcester County: E:309; F:326

John Massey married ____ ==> Joseph Massey and John Massey

Second Choice


Worcester County: F:363

Alexander Massey (0) married _____ ==> Alexander Massey (I) married ____ ==> John Massey (III) (& wife Anne)
Alternative to the previous line: Alexander Massey (II) married Sarah Jane ____ and/or Katharine ____ ==> Alexander Massey (III) married ____ ==> John Massey (III) (& his wife Anne)

Silver Street & Penny Street, Eagles Choice, Refuge, Carmel, Pleasant Lott

1771 - 1831

Worcester County: H:631; I:2; R:501; R:504; AX:207

James Massey married [Fanny ___, Frances ___] ==> John Massey (II), Ephraim Massey, Julia Ann Massey Riley
Alternative to the previous line: James Massey married _____ ==> John Massey (II), Joseph Massey

Small Addition to Mount Ephraim, Mount Ephraim, Smiths Industry, Poplar Neck, Freemans Lot, Three Brothers, Corn Hill, Addition to Corn Hill, Holly Grove, Hudsons Venture

1806 - 1865

Worcester County: Y:381; AU:293; AX:320; JCH:1:444; GMH:7:45; GMH:7:502; EDM:2:212; EDM:2:214; EDM:3:18; EDM:7:65; GHR:1:659

Alexander Massey (I) ==> [unknown parents] ==> Alexander Franklin

Sawpit Pasture, Carmel, Penny Street, Silver Street and Pleasant Lott

1806, 1821

Worcester County: Y:621; AL:480

Richard Massey, free black of Queen Anne's County, buys his sister Henny, age 40+ from Edward Coppage; Henny eventually moved to Worcester County, where she had to mortgage her house & lot to Robert J. Henry to secure a loan of $90.00.

town lot


Queen Anne's County: JT:1:286
Worcester County: WET:3:92

Kendall Massey (I) married _____ ==> John A. Massey (& wife Eliza Jane Taylor), Lambert C. Powell (& wife Louisa Massey), Joshua Morris (& wife Rachel), Kendall Massey (II) (& wife Julia Ann P.)

Winchester, Good Will, Buckridge, Pleasant Lot, Penny Street, Holly Grove, High Fields, Yorkshire (Tan Yard), Friendship, Blackenhurst, Confirmation

1836 - 1856

Worcester County: JCH:3:378; GMH:1:325; GMH:5:24; GMH:7:120; EDM:1:99; EDM:1:240; EDM:5:647; EDM:6:194; EDM:7:287; JAP:1:103

Purnell Massey married Nancy C. ____ ==> ______ ______; Nancy C. Massey then sold land inherited from her late husband to Mary Ann Massey, who then sold some of it with her husband William S. Massey.

Smiths Industry, Poplar Hill, Freemans Lot

1848 - 1868

Worcester County: EDM:2:212; GHR:1:33; GHR:3:33; GHR:3:211

Daniel Massey married Mary Jane ==> Sarah Massey Duncan

Holly Grove, Pleasant Lot and Penny Street, Winchester


Worcester County: EDM:2:273

Kendall Massey married ____ ==> John K. Massey, who married Gertrude E. ____; close neighbor: John A. Massey

Buckridge & Eagle Choice, Holly Grove

1855 - 1856

Worcester County: EDM:7:62; EDM:7:209; EDM:7:368

William N. Massey married Mary Grace ____ ==> ...

Cart Wheel


Worcester County: WET:1:219

James Massey and Samuel I. Massey formally agree to share all the stock, utensils, crops and labor to run the farm.



Worcester County: WET:3:330

Rufus Massey married Charlotte ____ ==> ... ;
bought land from John H. Massey.

Wood Yard, Addition to Wood Yard

1865, 1866

Worcester County: GHR:1:646; GHR:2:462

Material which complements the work of George Langford, Jr. in Langford on Massey:
Land parcels
conveyed to or from the person
Active Years
Family associations, arranged approximately in chronological order.
Alexander Massey
Worcester Nathan's Chance, Carmon, Carmel, Silver Street and Penney Street, Pleasant Lott, Eagle's Choice, Buck Ridge, Black Ridge, & Holly Grove  1700-1855
Probably three generations needed to span 155 years! Father of John Massey; grandfather of Johnson Massey and of Alexander Franklin; Johnson Massey's father is William Massey; John Massey is father to the brothers Alexander Massey, John Massey, Kendall Massey (and Daniel Massey); Alexander Massey has wife Sarah Jane; The two John Masseys probably both have middle initials, A.
Atkins Marcy Worcester & Somerset North Petherton
1734-1747 John Marsey --> John Marsey, Senior --> John Marsey, Junior & Atkins Marsey
John Massey, Junior Worcester North Petherton, Dareys Quarter, Spring Bank, Second Choice, & Mount Ephraim 1740-1838 Son of John Massey, Senior; grandson of the late John Massey; brother to Joseph Massey. Neighbors: John Massey, Senior, Kendall Massey, Senior, and Alexander Massey, Senior. There may be another John Massey, whose father is James Massey; brother Ephraim Massey; sister Ann Massey Riley. Three generations for this 100-year span.
Joseph Massey Worcester Marseys Folly, Good Success, Long Acre, Wests Recovery, Spring Bank, Second Choice, & Long Acre 1754-1763 Brother of John Massey. Another Joseph Massey witnessed a manumission in 1864.
Thomas Massey Worcester Masseys Folly 1754-1754 Patentee of Massey's Folly.
Ephraim Massey Worcester Masseys Chance & Mount Ephraim 1756-1829 Son of James Massey and brother of John Massey & Ann Massey Riley, who is wife of William Franklin Riley.
Johnson Massey Worcester Carmon, Spittlefield, & Carmel 1762-1765 Son of William Massey and also a grandson of Alexander Massey.
Daniel Massey Worcester Joseph's Lott, Hunting Quarter, Black Ridge, Eagle ChoiceHolly Grove, Holly Grove, Pleasant Lot, Penny Street & Winchester 1770-1848 Siblings: Kendall Massey, Senior, Alexander Massey, John A. Massey, sons of John Massey; Daniel Massey is father of Sarah Massey Duncan, whose mother was Mary Jane Massey. Probably two Daniel Masseys in Worcester County in this 78-year span.
John Massey Worcester Silver Street and Penney Street, Eagle's Choice & Holley Grove,
1771-1805 Son of Alexander Massey; John Massey's wife is Anne; Alexander Massey's father is also Alexander Massey.
Priscilla Massey Worcester ...
1797-1822 Sold goods & chattels to Samuel Massey of Worcester County.
John Adkin Massey Worcester Unity, Winchester, Buck Ridge, Penny Street & Silver Street, Pleasant Lott, Good Will, Holly Grove, Privilege, Cumberland, Second Privilege Conclusion, Black Ridge & Eagle Choice 1798-1856 Probably two of them, father and son; mother was Sarah Massey; John A. Massey, Senior left land to Louisa Massey Powell and Rachel Massey, who sold the land to John A. Massey, Junior, and Kendall Massey; John A. Massey, Senior had willed the lands to Alexander Massey, John Massey, and Kendall Massey; Kendall Massey's brothers are Alexander Massey, John A. Massey, and Daniel Massey.
Sally Massey Worcester ...
1804-1804 Manumitted her slaves.
James Massey Worcester Small Addition to Mount Ephraim, Mount Ephraim, Smith's Industry, Three Brothers, Corn HillAddition to Corn Hill, Poplar Neck, Freeman's Lot, Holly Grove, Addition to Holly Grove & Hudson's Venture 1806-1865 Wife Fanny Massey; also wife Frances Massey; father of John Massey, Ephraim Massey, and Ann Massey Riley.
Samuel Massey Worcester Partners Neglect, Fair MeadowAddition to Fair Meadow, Killsey Hill, Pindar's Neglect, Buckingham, Lambersons Venture, Providence, Mayfield, & Carragoereshe 1821-1864 Purchased goods & chattels from Priscilla Massey; manumitted slave Henry Massey; otherwise, functioned as a land dealer.
Kendall Massey,
Senior & Junior
Worcester Brick Ridge, Penny Street & Silver Street, Pleasant Lott, Friendship, Buck Ridge, Hebo, High Fields Gladson Discovery Gray's Tan Yard, Yorkshire, Black Ridge, Eagle Choice, Holly Grove Winchester & Blackenhurst 1828-1864 Son of John Massey; John A. Massey's sons are Alexander Massey, John Massey, and Kendall Massey. Kendall Massey, Junior, has wife July (Julia) Ann P. Massey. Kendall Massey's brothers are Alexander Massey, John A. Massey, and Daniel Massey, whose father is John Massey. John A. Massey and his wife Eliza Jane Massey, Lambert C. Powell and his wife Louisa Massey Powell, Joshua Morris and his wife Rachel, her brother Kendall Massey and his wife Julia Ann P. Massey are the siblings surviving in 1854. John K. Massey 's wife is Gertrude E. Massey
Julia Ann Massey Riley
Worcester Mount Ephraim 1829-1831
Daughter of James Massey (with John & Ephraim).
Purnell Massey Worcester Truitt's Luck, Addition to Cathell's Luck, Freeman's Lot, Smith's Industry, Killsey Hill & Poplar Neck 1831-1851 Acquired land from Lambert C. Powell and his wife Louisa (Massey) Powell; Purnell Massey's wife is Nancy C. Massey.
Fanny Massey
Worcester Poplar Neck, Smith's Industry & Freeman's Lot 1844-1848
Wife of James Massey.
William I. Massey Worcester Smith's Industry, Poplar Neck & Freeman's Lot 1848-1848 Perhaps related to Purnell Massey and his wife Nancy Massey and James Massey and Fanney (Fanny) Massey.
Nancy C. Massey Worcester Smith's Industry, Poplar Neck & Freeman's Lot 1848-1867 Wife of Purnell Massey; deeded land to Mary Ann Massey, wife of William S. Massey.
Rufus R. Massey Worcester Wood Yard & Addition to Wood Yard 1851-1866 Wife is Charlotte Massey; land transactions with Purnell Massey.
John K. Massey Worcester Buck Ridge, Eagle Choice &
Holly Grove
1855-1856 Wife Gertrude E. Massey; neighbor of Kendall Massey and John A. Massey.
William N. Massey Worcester Cart Wheel 1858-1858 Wife Mary Grace Massey.
Henny Massey
Worcester ...
Mortgaged her house & lot to Robert J. Henry to secure a $90.00 loan.
Samuel I. Massey
Worcester not stated
1863-1863 Shared farm with James Massey.
Daniel A. Massey Worcester not stated
1863-1866 Traded with Catherine Bunting.
Mary Ann Massey
Worcester Farrills Folly 1863-1868 Wife of William S. Massey. Relation to Purnell Massey ?
William S. Massey
Worcester Hudson's Endeavor 1863-1868 Wife Mary Ann Massey, related to Purnell Massey through Nancy C. Massey.
John H. Massey
Worcester & Somerset
not stated
Sold land to Rufus R. Massey.