Section IV  Massey Appendices One Maryland Massey Family by George Langford, Jr. 1901-1996
©Cullen G. Langford and George Langford, III, 2010

Somerset and Worcester County Masseys
The lists below were gleaned from the master list for all Eastern Shore counties in Maryland.

Data for individual Masseys are left in the bottom table on this page.

Mainly new material is listed here, in the upper table - George Langford, III, editor.

Family associations; approximately in chronological order.  Convention: [Parents} ==> [children]

Land Parcels
John Marsey (Massey) married ____ ____ ==> John Marsey (Massey) married ____ ____ ==>
(Marcy, Marsey, Marsy & Massey) and Atkins (Marcy, Marsey, Massey (?))
North Petherton;
Spring Bank
1734 - 1747 Somerset County: AZ:168-168a; MF:56,56a;
Worcester County: A:308; A:487; A:513; A:516; A:518
 John Massey married ____ ____ ==> John Massey and Joseph Massey; they are related to the Worcester County Masseys, i.e., Kendall Massey, John A. Massey, et al. Spring Bank; Second Choice; North Petherton
1763 - 1770
Worcester County: F:361; F:363;
G:216; H:72; H:226;
Samuel Massey married ____ ____ ==> _____ Massey, who married George H. Lewis ==> ...

Riggins Amendment
Somerset County: LW:3:306
John H. Massey mortgaged goods & chattels to Rufus R. Massey
1866 Worcester County: GHR:2:462;
James Phoebus married ____ ____ ==> Ann E.H. Phoebus, John W. Phoebus, Mary H.J. Phoebus, Matthias E.W. Phoebus (and his wife Mary P. Phoebus), Sarah M.E. Massey, Margaret E. Henderson, Ignatius H. Phoebus, and Aurilla J. Phoebus; George A. Phoebus and his wife Virginia C. Phoebus sold land inherited  from James Phoebus, but their relationship is not stated. [too many to list here] 1874 Somerset County: LW:14:642(two deeds); LW:15:615
015.Dr. Wilbur Fisk Massey married 1st, Sarah Phoebus and after her death, 2nd, Aurilla Phoebus. 1874
Somerset County: LW:14:642; LW:15:615
Samuel Massey willed house & lot to George H. Lewis of Worcester County, who sold it to John H. Massey. house & lot 1874, 1875 Somerset County: LW:15:530

Material which complements the work of George Langford, Jr. in Langford on Massey:
Land parcels
conveyed to or from the person
Active Years
Family Associations, arranged approximately in chronological order
Atkins Marcy
Somerset & Worcester
North Petherton 1734-1747
John Marsey --> John Marsey, Senior --> John Marsey, Junior & Atkins Marsey
John Marcy
Somerset County
North Petherton 1734-1734
Atkins Marcy of Somerset County executes his bond to John Marcy to secure the equitable division of a parcel of land called North Petherton.
John Marsey
Somerset County Spring Bank 1739-1739
Purchaser of tract called Spring Bank, which actually lies in Worcester County.
John Marsy
Worcester County
Spring Bank & North Petherton 1744-1747
Seller of tracts called Spring Bank and North Petherton; possible relation to Atkins Marsey.
John Massey, Junior
Worcester & Somerset
Spring Bank, North Petherton,
Dareys Quarter, Second Choice,
Mount Ephraim, Buck Ridge, Pleasant Lot, Penny Street & Holly Grove
Buys tracts called Spring Bank and North Petherton, in Somerset County; willed half of North Petherton to sons John Marsey and Atkins Marsey; sold part of Spring Bank to his brother Joseph Massey in 1763.
John H. Massey
Worcester & Somerset not stated
Sold land to Rufus R. Massey which George H. Lewis had inherited from Samuel Massey.
Samuel Massey
Somerset County
Riggins Amendment 1872-1875
Willed land and house in Somerset County to George H. Lewis which he had purchased from Ned Adams. John H. Massey then bought the property.
Sarah M.E. Massey
Somerset County
not stated
First wife of 15.Dr. Wilbur Fisk Massey; a member of the Phoebus family. Sarah's sister Aurilla J. Phoebus then became Wilbur's second wife.
Wilbur Fisk Massey
Somerset County
not stated
With his first wife Sarah M.E. Massey and her sister Aurilla J. Phoebus petitioned for a commission to divide into three parts a tract of land left by the intestate James Phoebus, the sisters' father.