Millers Falls No.2 Eggbeater Drill Type Study
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Type Pre-L Gears & Shafts

Below: Drill from Roger K. Smith. At right: Drill from Bisson family by way of Sandy Moss.
Type Pre-L thrust bearing and set screw in
Type Pre-L set screw
The Type Pre-L at left has what appears to be a small cone center on the end of the spindle shaft as well as a secondary cup and cone arrangement, but that is worn so much it is barely functional. There is no provision for adjustment of the thrust bearing, so the force of drilling pushes the spindle's pinion gear too far into mesh with the main gear. The provision had been made in the Type M and earlier Type N; and it was made in the later Type L, but it is absent here.  Both drills above still have what appear to be their original set screws that fasten the main gear to the cross shaft.  All my others of this early type have been repaired using a sloppy cross-drilled arrangement.