Links to Galoot-like Web sites
by George Langford
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Links & Abstracts

The following URL's were gleaned by scanning my Bookmark file and then, in June 2016.
These sites are too interesting to be simply rendered like common soap.

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Greg Wallance writes passionately about issues involving Israel and the Holocaust ... and talks about his role in Abscam.
FreeSpeech: frontend to PocketSphinx, a speech-to-text package.
GParteEd: Graphical Partition Editor, the essential tool to prepare magnetic media for installation of operating systems.
Shortly after the accident at Three Mile Island, my family doctor examined my neck and said that he could feel some nodules ... ultimately, my entire thyroid gland was removed and the growth was identified as adenoma, a benign thyroid cancer.
Tom Thornton, CRAFTS member & good friend, was the last living comptometer repairman ...
The magnetic compass was the only practical means of resolving geographic directions for surveyors in colonial times and up to the recent past. This site describes the Compass Rose and tabulates the correlation between modern degrees of magnetic declination and the surveyors' terminology.
Antique shops in Pennsylvania.
The website for Chinese Drywall: Why it matters if you find your office or home atmosphere offensive to your health.
Short summary: look for green deposits on the copper wiring.
Pennsylvania pricing for a wide variety of domestic and imported wood; note the $300 minimum for online/mail orders.
Good Hope Hardwoods, located in Landenburg, Pennsylvania, at the westernmost corner of Chester County.
The lumber inventory is shown mostly on the forks of a forklift truck. Be prepared with suitable transportation/unloading facilities ... yikes !

Has an interesting linked list of local furniture makers.
Soviet route to the North Peak of Bonanza Peak, i.e., from the opposite side of the usual route that Mike & I took in 1968.
The view we had of Company Glacier is clear on the topographic map of the Soviet's path.
Guide to successful pruning - species by species.
Ernie's Massive Metals Links: Be sure to select the expand button.
IBM 6580 DisplayWriter system ... just like mine, and the forerunner of the DisplayWrite 3 system
that I used for the first few months of my independent consulting career on an IBM PC/XT personal computer.
Baldwin's Book Barn - more old books than you ever saw outside the New York Public Library ...
Backlinks to ... interesting to see what folks value here.
Fund to improve WiFi.
Mrs. Simmers wrote a market analysis for my consulting company as an undergraduate at West Chester University; superbly talented.'s_Cut
Locally infamous historical site along the [former] Pennsylvania Railroad - which passes 100 yards from my house.
Short summary: panicky response to a health crisis.
My late friend & colleague Dr. Bruce Sundquist made it his life's work to research & write essays like these.
Terra Preta: black earth for tropical agriculture ... its rediscovery.
Legal analysis of the growing practice of retainer health care.
On the inadvisibility of coating high strength steel bolts with zinc.
Nuts & Volts was just mimeographed when I first encountered it ...
The Schumann Resonances are detectable with ordinary electronic circuits ... but for me they have been elusive indeed.
Jim Price's antique brace collection.
Larry & Carole Meeker's antiques website.
Mark van Roojen's links to woodworkin sites.
Jon Zimmers' illustrated listings of braces for sale.
The late Jim Thompson's (a.k.a. OldMillrat) gallery of oldtool finds.
Pontypool black asphaltum paint for japanning.
Keepin' totes from breakin'.
Paddy O'Deen (a.k.a. Patrick Olguin): Galoot source for high quality flake shellac.
When the aliens from outer space come to visit Earth, they're gonna look up these folks first.
Vintage Machinery's listing of patents assigned to the Millers Falls Company.
Old Woodworking Machinery discussion group.,_North_Carolina_Genealogy
Guide to genealogically useful resources about Rowan County in North Carolina.
Washburn and Hayden expeditions history.
Looming astroid impact could cause societal divisions ... and inaction.
Reviews of the use of Wine to run Dragon Naturally Speaking software in GNU/linux sytsems.
Steve Behrndt, tool dealer and local auto bodyshop owner, has a point here
about the inadvisability of the increasing use of refurbished/repaired cast aluminum wheels.
It can be easy to draw a circle in GIMP if you learn from this tutorial.
Galoot Ed Minch's favorite oldtools project: The Kalmar Nyckel tall ship, sailing from a Delaware port.
"The geology of Pluto and Charon through the eyes of New Horizons" - Images of Pluto and Charon.
My bench profiling machine, formerly made by the American Watch Tool Company.
Bethany Beach Farmers Market website, managed by my brother Cullen.
Jack Nachamkin's treatise on the mechanism of ball lightning.
Jack Nachamkin's day job ...
Gleaned from Folio, Volume I Number 1, a publication of the English Department at Brandeis University, Bob Levin is the only author who mentions a work therein published. A search on the other authors and members of the editorial staff reveals the makings of an interesting novel.
My "Mystery Lathe" has only a 60 degree center bearing to support the rear of its spindle. Joshua Rose in Modern Machine Shop Practice shows not one such example, but this plate from an 1860 image atlas shows such a bearing in a lathe that was probably made before the American Civil War.

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