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by George Langford
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Links & Abstracts
To see the old links as written way back when, click on this link.
The following URL's were gleaned on September 5, 2005, by scanning my Bookmark file and then, in January and May 2016, scouring the WayBack Machine for links to the lost sites. Those are the ones where the destinations don't match the text you see here. If the abstracts seem incomplete, that's because I decided to publish them sooner rather than later. These sites are too interesting to be simply rendered like common soap.
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The Old Tool Nut Journal
This Internet journal was started on January 30, 2002 with all good intentions ...This particular page opens to a list of links to other sites that happily have also been archived by the Wayback Machine.
  By June, 2003 ... looked pretty much the same ... all good intentions.

Edge Tools For Sale
Jon Zimmers: antique edge tools for sale, including sharpening jigs, axes & hatchets, chisels, gouges, drawknives, adzes, slicks, and carving tools.

Woodworking Shop
R.I.P. Two-car garage ... enter: woodworking shop ... complete with shavings on the floor ... but no smiling spouse in sight.
Everything of concern about furniture polishes, including silicone and water.

iForge (Interactive Forge) Step-by-step Blacksmith Projects
Starting with Safety, a Case Study; then, everything you might want to know about blacksmithing.

Demonstration Quality Scanning Digital Camera
Professor Andrew Davidhazy's fascinating diary about the conversion of a lowly Kodak paper scanner into a versatile experimental device
and then, the much improved:
VERY DRAFTY - Improvised Scanning Digital Camera.

Building a megapixel digital camera from a flatbed scanner
Nice pictorial description of another scsanning digital camera made from an ordinary paper scanner.

Pitt scientists get the lead out of machined steel
Anthony DeArdo & Isaac Garcia figure out how to substitute tin for lead in free-machining steels.

Canedy Otto New #16
A rusty blacksmith's post drill starts to make the transition back to useful condition, but stalls after the Y2K calendar crisis ...

The Post Drill
Explanation of how it works, but sadly missing most of the supporting photographs.

Hough's American Woods
Romeyn B. Hough's classic work, illustrated entirely with real wood specimens, formerly archived by Yale University and fractionally saved by the Wayback Machine, but online "forever" at the North Carolina State University School of Forestry.

Jim Boyett's exhaustive list of woodworking links. Even though he didn't keep it up to date,
the Wayback Machine has stepped into the void to fill in some of the blanks.

Don Lancaster's Guru's Lair
Insightful advice on using eBay & other auction venues as well as electronic project plans.

Ramblin' Oldies of Denham Springs
If you ever wondered what Al Babin did in his spare time ...

Welcome to Vintage Saws!
Pete Taran's old page on getting your saw filed ...

Online Reference of Disston Saws --
Everything you might want to know about an old Disston saw.

Ratbag of note: Erik von Sneidern  <  Marking time  <  autobio  <  Peter Marquis-Kyle
Peter Marquis-Kyle's blog on Erik von Sneidern (of Disstonian Institute fame) and other subjects.

Cocobolo Inc., RareTropical Hardwoods
Company that used to source rare tropical hardwoods legally.

Sloping Gullets
Brent Beach's amazingly detailed & authoritative tutorial on the proper filing of wood saws.

Self-evident and up to date ...

Hanchett Manufacturing -- Knife Grinding Systems - Band Saw Sharpening Systems
Current equipment for sharpening knives & bandsaw blades ... plus saw hammering tools.

Lumber Prices for Irvin's Sawmill & Gallery of Wood
What a wide variety of  wood lumber cost at the mill in 2009.

Kiln Dried Lumber and Rare Wood Species Products at Full Cycle WoodWorks Inc.
What a wide variety of Tennessee wood lumber cost at the mill in 2005.

Davee's Hardwood Lumber
What a wide variety of lumber cost at the mill in Georgia in 2003.

2005-era Tennessee source of domestic & exotic woods, but without prices ...

CWG Lumber Price Lists
Current prices of domestic & exotic lumber at a Connecticut yard.

Exotic Woods Price List
Prices of exotic woods at a couple of Minnesota mills in 2004.

Creative Spirits Preview
Hancock Village: Museum, Farm, Historic Village & Store in Massachusetts.

West Virginia Highlands Conservancy
"Preserving West Virginia for future generations" says it all ...

Osage Orange information page
An Australian view of the Osage Orange, a.k.a. Bodark, an American roadside tree.

USGS -- Digital Datasets
Hydrology, magnetic anamalies, geographic information systems (GIS), mineral exploration, for many places worldwide.

Toolshop Website Homepage
Tony Murland's Tools-For-Sale page.

Take a Tour of the Herrshoff Marine Museum
America's Cup Hall of Fame.

Wescott Steel - Steel Mills
My first job as an independent consultant in 1985 was on their principal product, Hadfield's austenitic manganese steel, widely used in the coal mining industry.

Arborist Supplies
Curved-saw scabbards and other essentials for wrking in the trees.

Randy Roeder's Millers Falls Braces page
Back in the good old days ... now brought up to the present at OldToolHeaven.

Exotic hardwood exotics hardwoods burl burrs burls squares lumber
2010-era look at the prices and availability of domestic and exotic woods in Central Massachusetts.

How do I use the Hosts File?
For users of the Microsoft-controlled operating systems who want to block certain domains or IP addresses by listing them in a file simply called "Hosts."

Old Woodworking Tools
Falcon-Wood, Massachusetts purveyor of antique and user tools for working with wood.

Mid-West Tool Collectors Association
"World's Largest Tool Collecting Organization," publisher of The Gristmill for members only. Also maintains a list of tool dealers.

OLD TOOLS: Useful and Curious
The late William Harris's website, maintained by Middlebury College as a tribute.

The Early American Industries Association, publishers of The Chronicle (for research articles) and Shavings (for current happenings).

Fine Tool Journal-The Most Comprehensive Resource On Hand Tools
William Pownall's ca. 2002 website, now presented as Fine Tool Journal by a new publisher, running an extensive online auction.

Brown Tool Auctions
Hosting live auctions of old and antique tools several times a year in Central Pennsylvania.

Saw Setting Machines
Pictorial archive of mechanisms used to set the teeth of saw blades more-or-less automatically.

Roger's woodworking page
By Roger Van Maren, ca. 2002; the index page's images are lost, but many pictures remain in the individual projects, including an interesting story about his Emmert patternmaker's vise (sans pictures, sadly).

Resources on Wooden Planes
Mostly dead links, but the one to Grandpa's Tool Chest of Wooden Planes has a good 2003 (partially) illustrated price list.

What the Heck is an Astragal - by Tom Price
Back online with the astute aid & wisdom of Tom Price,
this essay describes not only this not-so-odd plane profile, but just about all the others as well.

Brace and Boring Tools

The Old Tools Store list of tools for sale ca. 2007 ... and the current offerings.

Wooden Planes
Jon Zimmers' current listings of wooden planes for sale.

The Shaker Tote Page
Ken Greenberg's conversations on the making of Shaker-style wooden carriers.

NAWCC Member's Links - National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors
Local sources of watch repair services ... "Philadelphia" chosen ... you can substitute your own neighborhood. Shaper Index
Anonymous comments and handy contributions to the sparse Internet literature on using a metal shaper.

Current listings of old trade catalogs ... Current listings of machinist tools ... miscellaneous tools ... planes ... even rules.

Tool Junkie
Murali Nair's Canada-located tool business, specializing in new power tools but presenting a few antique tools at ca. 2007 (?) prices ...

Principal machinist tool manufacturers of the classic period
The Davistown Museum's center for information on easrly tools, here presenting a list of New England toolmakers.

Galoots' pages
The Wayback Machine's capture of Galoots on the Web, ca.2008 ... many also archived & linked, sometimes tenuously.

jeffy's Woodworking References
Jeff Youngstrom's not-updated-since 2002 listing of a few Galoot webpages, even my own.

Robert Schroeder
A freelance journalist's entertaining view of antiquing in Adamstown, Pennsylvania: Search for the Perfect Table.

Bibliography : Tool and Implements Catalogue
A short list of catalogs on tools and implements at the University of Michigan.

Books on a wide variety of old trades, old tools, etc. ca. 2006, and a list of tools that were for sale then.

Coles' Power Models
Started in 1928 ... still in business under a new proprietor ...
with offerings of kits and books on steam- and gasoline-powered models for the serious hobbyist.

Bill Taggart's brief excursion into the blacksmith's world.

Old tools Measuring Devices, Makers & Markers of Gauges, Rulers, Squares & Tape Measures
Phillip Cannon's listing of measuring devices: their manufacturers as well as the folks who added their trade marks.

Tools from GoAntiques
Exhaustive searchable listing of antiques, last archived in 2010.

AlumiLite 30" X 63" Folding Table
Handy sized aluminum folding flea-market table ... last seen in 2003.

By Hammer In Hand... --
By Michael McCarthy in Cooperstown, New York: "A Site for Traditional and Experimental Metalsmithing" with particularly useful secions on hand scraping of machine tools and the making of a laminated hammer.

TIAS.COM: Collector's Showcase: Tools: Woodworking
The Internet Antique Shop's offerings of many woodworking tools for sale.

Timeline: 1700s - 1898
Musings on history & politics of the right and left by Laura Knight-Jadczyk.

I, Cringely | The Pulpit
Robert X. Cringely's ca. 2007 predictions of the future (which is now, of course) including Google Owns Your Internet.

Galoot Image Central ... Current version.

Tips and Tricks and Photos
Paul Womack's (a.k.a. Bugbear) interesting & useful shop tools and techniques for getting around those awkward moments.

sterling handtools
An (east) Indian site for woodworking tools and other vices ...

Glenn McDavid: Woodworking
Links to various useful pages, ca. 2006, some of which have been archived ...

Don's Machine Tool Web Page
Don Kinzer's metalworking tools, including a number of shapers. Also, there's a page of various machine manuals.

Bench Plans
Keith Rucker on the building of a traditional workbench. A PDF of the building process is conveniently provided.

Explorers Club of Pittsburgh - Bogel Memorial Fund
George Bogel and Robert Broughton were both killed by a rockfall while climbing  Nanga Parbat in 1977.
Professor Broughton was a committed environmentalist.

Hardinge Inc. Collets, Chucks, Workholding Systems and Industrial Products
Everything you might want for a recently made hardinge machine tool ...

Logan Actuator Co. - Lathe Department
Logan still makes parts for their lathes ... however old they are.

Buffalo Forge Co. Universal Iron Worker 55Y2617
Query from Marc H. Richman about the provenance of the machine.

Digital Field Microscope
Specifications, ca. 2005, for this mysterious device. Still made by Scalar as the DG-3.

Stanley Planes, Scrapers & Spokeshaves - Bob Kaune - Antique & Used Tools
Comprehensive & informative website of a long-established Internet seller.

Slide rule dealers
Long list of Internet dealers in calculating instruments, many also archived by the Wayback Machine.

ToolSwap-USA Home Page
Website of the defunct association of organizers, customers & operators of swap meets, including a listing of the physical addresses of a large number of old tool dealers. I still get periodic annoncements of a couple of California swap meets.

"Preserving Arts and Skills of the Trades" is the aim of the renamed PAST organization, now hosted by Ken Greenberg.
Listing of PAST tool collectors; listing of PAST old tool dealers; PAST members: A-J ... K-Z.

grandpa's tool chest of wood planes
Bill Carter's webpage with listings of wooden planes, csarving tools, and other miscellaneous items, dating as far back as 1998.

Paleo Notes May 2003
Current webpage of the Earth Science Club of Northern Illinois. Lots of emphasis on the fossils (siderite concretions) of Mazon Creek.

A Woodwork Notebook - Jeff Gorman
Marvelous website of a Galoot who is fading into history; see especially his definitions of woodworking terms & jargon.
Pete Verbree's website as a collector/user of metalworking shapers & planers.
Bonus: Link to the former New England Model Engineering Society (NEMS) website.

The Hand saws of Harvey W. Peace
Joshua Clark's dedicated saw page.

CD Preview - James P. Riser
A comprehensive treatise on metal spinning.

Links for old tool research
Librarian Randy Roeder's collection of resources for learning about antique and unique tools.

Here's my Netscape History version of the sites ...

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - The Collection: Recent Acquisitions
Find out what sort of stuff America's foremost art museum likes to get ...

Alburnam's Archive
Stephen Shepherd's comprehensive collection of essays on all aspects of woodworking.

Horsefeathers & Hammermen
Hans Schlosser's blacksmithing site, dedicated to serious workers in metal. Lots of archival material !

Steve Brusatte
Budding paleontologist, ca. 2004. Made the grade, 2015.

Lathes Millers Shapers Grinders Manuals Handbooks Instruction & Parts Books Machine-tool Archive
Tony Griffiths' collection of everything you might ever want to know about old metalworking machines.
Chuck Zitur's essay on an eggbeater that became a drill.

APT ** Association for Preservation Technology ** APT
Preservation of architectural structures, it seems.

Cory Solar, whom I best remember as the Ghost of Christmas Past at Hedgerow Theatre.

Find it here at
Archival data about the tools formerly made by South Bend Lathes.

Stan Faullin's extremely informative pages on woodworking tool and parts.

Lathe Milling machine shaper collet parts
Dave Ficken's authoritative commentaries on old metalworking tools.

Photo Library
The late Jim Thompson, a.k.a. the OldMillRat, millwright extraordinaire, kept a gallery of interesting tools. Tools & Hardware Search Results: drill
All the tailed apprentices you might ever want, but few hand drills.

Sam Allen Woodworking Books & Tools
Get 'em before the electricity stops flowing ...

Unique Saw Sets
Nathan Lindsay's saw sets page.

Hand Tools
WoodCentral's Internet discussion page on use & care of hand tools.

MTK, a log monitoring package for Unix/linux operating systems ...

Old Woodworking Machines - Search Forum Archive
Former search page, now accessible here.

Knowledge Management
Mrs. Langford's list of links at her Knowledge Portal. The Wayback Machine will keep the links connected.

tool index
Walt Q's antique tools business, formerly working out of a vinyl records shop in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Steve Brackett's list of Fellow Galoots' websites.

North Bros
Sandy Moss's treatise on the tools made by North Bros in Philadelphia.

Massive metallograph made by Zeiss before reason returned.

The Ultraphot Shop
Parts for the above metallograph, albeit without pictures or prices.

Mic-UK [site A]: Notes on choosing the correct eyepiece and relay lens for photomicrography with a digital camera.
Ted Clarke's fine tutorial on matching the eyepiece of a digital camera to the sensor size of selected digital cameras.

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