Supplement to the geared-drills type studies
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The old style Millers Falls No.104 eggbeater drill;
an enigma - who made it ? Millers Falls or the Crane Manufacturing Company, both of Millers Falls, Massachusetts.

The six drills are (from left to right):
G-P No.4-1/2; two Crane Mfg.;MF No.104; MF No.304; & MF No.480.
The Millers Falls and Crane Mfg. Co. drills all have identical chucks, main gears and gear wipers.  Their gear wipers resemble that of the Goodell-Pratt drill, but the Millers Falls version at least was never illustrated in any Millers Falls catalog.  The Millers Falls No.304 and No.480 drills also share the same chuck as well as the same main gear.
The malleable-iron frames of the Millers Falls No.'s 104 and 480 are identical to that of the Crane Mfg. Co. drills as well.  The urn-shaped body cap of the illustrated Millers Falls No.104 (but not all 104's) is the one distinguishing feature that sets apart the Millers Falls No.104 drills from the Crane drills.  No other Millers Falls or any other manufacturers' drills share the chuck of these drills; the Goodell-Pratt drill is shown for comparison and shares none of the listed features except the similar gear wiper.
The Millers Falls No.98/980 large, two speed eggbeater drills used a different gear wiper.

Clockwise from top:Crane Mfg. Co;
then Goodell-Pratt (right) & Millers Falls (left).

Millers Falls No.104

Crane Manufacturing Co.

Millers Falls No.304

Goodell-Pratt No.4-1/2

Millers Falls No.480

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