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Galoot* Terms:

Anything you see here, if you want it, just E-mail and ask.  Be sure to include your shipping address.  I'll pack the tool(s) and then send them to you.  If the tool is acceptable, send me payment in the form of a money order or check for the total of the tool plus the shipping amount.   If you don't like the tool, return it at your own cost for postage.  Items over $100 will be sent with the carrier's insurance; all returned items must be insured for the price of the tools.

* My accountant insists that I clarify "Galoot terms."  Galoots are members in good standing on the OldTools mailing list.  Good standing means that you've contributed a biographical sketch and take part in the group's discussions, even though I may never have met you in person.  Others pay up front, just like on that famous electronic auction site.  However, except for payment, my other terms stand for everyone. You can also use PayPal; contact me for instructions.

Page updated January 31, 2019.

Countersink &
Miscellaneous Bits

(Many new
items added

Braces & Drills


"Yankee" Braces


PEXTO Braces


Ames 3AM size collets (All Sold)
Hendey No.3H size collets (new 4/01/2010)
Leather Tools

Marine Items

Marking Gauges & Measuring Tools

Miscellaneous Tools

Planes & Scrapers

(updated 1/26/2019)
Screwdriver Bits for Braces


Monster Shears, Pinking Shears, and Paper Scissors

Farmall Super A and Farmall B parts (All Sold)
Wrenches, Snips & Pliers

These tools are for sale by

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