Section IV  Massey Appendices One Maryland Massey Family by George Langford, Jr. 1901-1996
©Cullen G. Langford and George Langford, III, 2010

Talbot County Masseys
The lists below were gleaned from the master list for all Eastern Shore counties in Maryland.

Data for individual Masseys are left in the bottom table on this page.

Mainly new material is listed here, in the upper table - George Langford, III, editor.

Family associations; approximately in chronological order.  Convention: [Parents} ==> [children]

Nicholas Massey, living in Talbot County, buys the 150 acre tract called Malton.  Nicholas Massey, Sr., has no family associations in the land deeds of Talbot County; however, see the records in Kent, Caroline, Cecil, and Queen Anne's Counties.
Talbot County: LL:7:73a
Phillip Massey (ca. 1660-1702) and his wife Elinor Williams, living in Talbot County, buy 50 acres, then 278 acres, of the tract called Tilghman's Fortune, then sells 50 acres, then 63 acres,but then dies leaving his sons and heirs, Fairfax Massey and Phillip Massey, to dispose of 63 acres with the help of William Arnett. The younger Phillip Massey lived (ca. 1680-1739).  The elder Philip Massey (one L) wrote his will in 1702; this Will confirms the family name of his wife Elinor and the names of his sons Fairfax Massey and Philip Massey. 1700 - 1711
Talbot County: RF:9:75; RF:9:75; RF:9:138; RF:9:161; RF:12:81
_______ Massey married Elizabeth Denny (only child of Elizabeth Alden) ==> Anna Maria Miller and Josiah Massey (only son) of Kent County, sells one half share or moiety in 550 acres of Gafford's (Yafford's ?) Neck in Talbot County.  See John T. Massey in Kent County, who was son of Thomas Orkney Denny Massey and grandson of Josiah Massey. 1818
Talbot County: JL:40:495

Material which complements the work of George Langford, Jr. in Langford on Massey:
Active Years
Family associations, arranged in approximately chronological order.
Nicholas Massey, Senior Talbot & Cecil Counties 1693-1693 Nicholas Massey of Talbot County in Maryland for 4,500 pounds of tobacco buys a 150 acre parcel called Malton, lying in Talbot County on Chester River, from Robert Smith and wife Anne.
Philip Massey Talbot County 1700-1702 Father of Fairfax Massey and another Philip Massey, whose mother is Elinor (Williams). The elder Philip Massey died before 1711 (in 1702). The younger Philip Massey died in 1739The elder Philip Massey (one L) wrote his will in 1702; this Will confirms the family name of his wife Elinor and the names of his sons Fairfax Massey and Philip Massey.
Fairfax Massey
Talbot County
Brother of Philip Massey; Fairfax Massey and Philip Massey are sons of the elder Philip Massey.
Josiah Massey
Talbot & Kent Counties
Josiah Massey of Kent County in the State of Maryland, only son and one of the co-heirs of the late Elizabeth Denny, who was the only child of Rachel Maynard, who was the devisee of Elizabeth Alden, sells to Mordecai Skinner of Talbot County, for $5,350.00, the undivided moiety or half part of 550 acres of Josiah Massey's land called Gafford's Neck [Yafford's Neck ?], a.k.a. Deep Neck, lying in Talbot County on the Choptank River between the waters of Broad Creek and Irish Creek issuing from said river and containing an estimated five hundred and fifty acres.  These lands descended to Josiah Massey and to Anna Maria Miller through the death of their mother Elizabeth Denny and are now in the possession and occupation of the tenant Nicholas Watts.