One Maryland Massey Family by George Langford, Jr. 1901-1996
©Cullen G. Langford and George Langford, III, 2010

I have several reasons for publishing this book:

First: It is to fulfill a sort of promise that I made to myself, many years ago, to see to it that all the research work that Eben Thomas Massey and J. G. Massey did back in 1908 would not go for naught; and that the report of this research, so generously given to me in 1936 would be published.

Next: It is to fulfill a real promise that I made to Judge Frank A. Massey back in 1975; that I would consolidate the research work that he and Orville Louis Hough and I had done on our Maryland Masseys, and to organize it in proper form so that Judge Massey could use it in any additional formal genealogical publication on the Massey name that he may write.

Finally: As Lou Hough and I researched deeper and deeper into the career of our great-grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Massey, we felt that we should use this hitherto unpublished material to develop, as best we could, the personal history of this intensely interesting man.

I am publishing now because I see no time available to me to do further research and still produce it in my lifetime.
George Langford, Jr.