Section V  Massey Excursi One Maryland Massey Family by George Langford, Jr. 1901-1996
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Excursus XIV: Holmes

Published Holmes Genealogies

The surname Holmes, and its many spelling variants, is a very common one, and many genealogies and genealogical articles have been published.  Nevertheless, in about fifty years of researching my own Holmes line, I have never been able to link it satisfactorily to any one of the published Holmes lines.

Holmes Genealogy: In Process

In my attempts to unearth the ancestry of my earliest proven Holmes ancestor, John Holmes, 1765-1847, I have followed the trails of many other men named John Holmes, always in the hope that each new trail would be that of my man.

To put it bluntly, I have been unsuccessful in my long efforts to carry my Holmes line back earlier than John Holmes, 1765-1847.

In the process of this researching, I have been able to assemble fragmentary lines of a quite large number of men named John Holmes who turned out not to be of my long-sought Holmes line at all.

Rather than have all this research go to waste, so to speak, I am assembling it all in a book, showing all that I have learned of each line in my non-productive search.  I will entitle this book, "John Holmes, 1765-1847: Whence,When and Why," not to be whimsical in my title choice, but actually reflecting why it is coming into being. [Note: Father never finished this book; instead, he donated all the notes for the book to the Rowan Public Library, Salisbury, North Carolina, where it is available for research - GL,III, ed.]


In Excursus XIV, I have elected not to duplicate material that will be published in my book on Holmes.  I am limiting  this excursus to those Holmes persons and their collateral families that are also Massey descendants.

XX.John Holmes


Marriage: Presha

YY.John Holmes, b.1809, d.1851

YY.John Holmes (XX.John Holmes)


Marriage: Sallie Ann Gilbert, dau. of Henry Gilbert, b.26 Oct.1771, Q.A.Co., Md.,  d.31 Jan.1847, and Sally Smith b.21 Jun.1778, Q.A.Co., Md., d.6 Nov.1860.
26.Daniel Boone Holmes, b.1850, d.1911.

26.Daniel Boone Holmes (9.John, 3.John, 1.Thomas?)

13 Mar.1850
Birth: in Lexington, Fayette Co., Ky.

5 Nov.1911
Death: at Kansas City, Jackson Co., Mo.

6 Feb.1877
Marriage: at Jefferson City, Mo., 7.Lyda (Eliza Adelaide) Massey, b.7 Oct.1854, Sarcoxie, Jasper Co., Mo., d.22 Dec.1929, Kansas City.

34.Massey Bryant Holmes, b.28 Jan.1878, Kansas City, Mo., d.29 Nov.1936, Kansas City, m.24 Sep.1907, Nahant, Mass., Ethel Greenough, b.30 May 1878, Boston, Mass., d. Pacific Palisades, Calif.  She was the daughter of Malcolm Scollay Greenough, b.31 Aug.1848, Cambridge, Mass. and his wife, Lizzie Tiffany, b.13 Aug.1849, d.21 Feb.1911.
35.Sidney Holmes, b.27 Aug.1881, Kansas City, Mo, d.11 Jun.1968, LaGrange, Cook Co., Ill., m.14 Nov.1900, Kansas City, 74.George Langford, b.26 May 1876, Denver, Colo., d.16 Jun.1964, Chicago, Cook Co., Ill.
36.Mignon Gilbert Holmes, b.28 Jun.1884, Kansas City, d.7 Nov.1946, Kansas City, m.3 Nov.1906, Kansas City, John Roy Russell, b.8 Sep.1883, Kansas City, d.29 Apr.1967, Kansas City.
2; 3
The data on which this page is based is located in the file, Excursus-Holmes.htm - GL,III, ed.]

Note: Excursus XIV largely quotes from, genealogy-in-process, "John Holmes, 1765-1847: Whence, Where, and Why."   Other references are listed below.

Bible records of John Holmes, 1765-1847

Excursus XIII: Langford.

Excursus XV: Russell.

Our Holmes-Krider Identification Project, with Jo White Linn, handwritten manuscript, ca.1985