Millers Falls No.2 Eggbeater Drill Type Study
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Types L2 - L0 crank handles

Millers Falls No.2 eggbeater drill Types L0 - L2 cranksAt the top is the crank knob of the Type L2;
On the bottom, it's the Type L0's crank, which is outwardly identical.
However, the Type L2's knob is held by a one-piece shaft,
whereas the Type L0's is held by an pin and a washer.
In the Type L2 the knob was first placed onto the shaft, which was then in turn pressed into the crank casting.  In the type L0 the pin was pressed into place first, and then the knob and washer were placed over it.  Finally, the end of the arbor was peened to retain the washer and knob.  The Type L0 was therefore more costly to make, even though a special shaft had to be machined.  I haven't tried to remove the Type L0's crank pin, but I'll venture that it is just a straight piece of wire.

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