Millers Falls No.2 Eggbeater Drill Type Study
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Type K2  (left) versus Type K1 (right) Frames

The first LRRCW model of the No.2 eggbeater drill did not just spring to life fully developed.  Only the LRRCW achieved that feat of inspiration, never imitated since in any hand drill that I've seen. The first frame, the K1's at right, was narrow and lacked any provision for a side handle.  The next model, the Type K2 at left, had a wider frame, presumably stronger.  I have never come across a broken frame in a No.2 drill.  These frames were made of malleable iron, a ductile, tough material in its time.  Later fromes were made of pot metal; they didn't break, either.  Both of the drills shown here have the cylindrical, flat-ended plain thrust bearing that was barely adequate for the small bits these drills could hold in their two-jaw, springless, 1877-patent chucks.

Keep your fingertips out of those gaps next to the pinion !