Millers Falls No.2 Eggbeater Drill Type Study
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Type O

Sandy Moss's image edited for C & BCloseup by Sandy Moss
This fine drill was discovered at a Spicer auction in August 2015 by Sandy Moss in the Galoot Find of A Lifetime (my terminology !). The magnificent handle is probably a replacement for a long-vanished original handle, and the chuck is probably original, with the same patent date as the earliest Millers Falls drills. 

The much more robust frame nevertheless has a similar layout to that of the other wraparound-frame Millers Falls No.2 drills. Furthermore, the main gear bears the same number and pitch of teeth as (what I think are) its siblings: Sandy counted seventy-eight teeth on the main gear and seventeen on the single pinion gear.

One important difference is the rear spindle journal, which appears to have a substantial bearing housing in the heavy frame. Perhaps there are umpteen tiny ball thrust bearings inside, like the ladder-framed No.2 drills ... that mystery awaits additional research. Otherwise, the rest of the design closely matches that of the other wraparound-frame No.2 drills, except that the main gear and crank handle are both pinned to their common shaft, whereas the wraparound-frame No.2s' main gears are held only by set screws. The locating collars on the Type O's common shaft are each held by a single set screw.

Sandy Moss's photo of the partly disassembled drill
The [formerly] two-jawed chuck is affixed to the spindle just like the other wraparound-frame No.2's. The fat, stubby handle has a sawed-off attachment screw, so it is probably a replacement.
Sandy Moss's measurements of the Type O drill:

"The length of the transverse part of the frame is  5 1/4", and the transverse width is 2 3/4" at the gear handle. 

"The overall length of the shaft, including the nose piece is 6 1/2". 

"Including the handle and the chuck, the length of the drill is 13 3/4 ". 

"The crank handle's straight-line length is 3 1/4", and the length of the wooden crank handle and ferrule is 3 3/8 inches."
I get 4-7/8" for the length of the wraparound-frame of the Type L2 drill that Sandy  sold me in 2008.

For mine the frame's transverse width is 2-1/4".

For mine, the spindle shaft measurement from the back end to the end of the chuck body is 4-1/2".

The overall length of the Type L2 drill is 15-1/2" (but it has a long, slender main handle).

Center-to-center for mine is 3-3/16" and the overall length of the crank handle is just an inch-and-a-half.