Millers Falls No.2 Eggbeater Drill Type Study
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Type H

The Type H No.2 has had its main handle thickened even more, this time to its final size. That was still inadequate, and most No.2's develop a loose handle sooner or later. The difficulty lay in two deficiencies that were never corrected. First, Millers Falls did not understand the need to relieve the brass ferrules that reinforce the handles of the stress of being formed cold, and so they all eventually cracked. Secondly, the shaft of the main handle is coarsely threaded, and the crude threads that shaft impressed into the rosewood did not withstand the wiggling and twisting caused by using the drill. The rosewood simply turns to powder in the threaded area. Note also that the side handle of the Type H now has the more graceful shape of a modern doorknob. I suspect that the side handles were all made by an outside vendor. I have never seen one made of anything but stained hardwood; never of the magnificent rosewood that Millers Falls used for the crank handles and main handles; and for the egg-shaped side handles of the early MF No.2's w.LRRCW's.