Millers Falls No.2 Eggbeater Drill Type Study
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Type F

The Type F No.2 sports the first logo imprinted on a No.2's crank. It's still the good old Millers Falls site for the company, too. You may also notice that the crank handle is now bigger, as though it wasn't manly enough to grasp the older small handle between thumb & forefinger. Now you've got the opportunity to wrap your whole hand around it. A simple glance at the gear ratio ought to indicate to a knowledgeable user that the drill is for smaller bits, not monsters, so the bigger handle seems to have been a marketing response rather than a true "development." The Star chuck's patent had by now run out, so the Type F's chuck has no patent date imprinted on it. That's probably why the Millers falls logo now appears on the crank - there was no longer any point to marking the chuck.