Millers Falls No.2 Eggbeater Drill Type Study
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Type A

So here we are, at the pinnacle of eggbeater drill development, the Type A. The frame is die-cast pot metal, not malleable iron any more, yet sports the same (actually thinner in places) dimensions as the iron frame of the earlier types. The Star chuck is gone (even though that fine feature was retained long after the original Star chuck patent had run out) and now the chuck is the "modern" generic variety whose jaws so easily get messed up. The logo on the crank has lost what vestiges of design remained in the Type post-E's logo. This one has no jaws at all, which is why Chuck Zitur all but gave it to me. In stark contrast to all principles of collecting (not just the collecting of OldTools) this is the nearly the most sought-after of all the No.2 drills that Millers Falls made, only eclipsed by the original, wrap-around-frame No.2. I guess it's the shiny lacquer that brings 'em in. That's OK. It saves the ones I love from the ravages of inflation.