Millers Falls No.2 Eggbeater Drill Type Study
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Type K1

The Type K1 is the first of the LRRCW models. It has no provision for a side handle. The thrust bearing is a simple cylinder adjustable from between the spokes of the main gear wheel in order to control the end play in the spindle. The main rosewood handle is in its slimmest form, but there is as yet no "breast pad" to aid in pushing on the handle because the two-jaw springless chuck has only a 3/16th inch capacity.  The malleable-iron frame is the narrower version of the new model. The two-jaw chuck is a carryover from the open-framed early No.2's.  However, the "Little Rail Road Car Wheel" has already sprung to life in its final form in this model. Recovered with a mail-in bid at an MJD auction; thanks, Martin.  The crank and its handle are later replacements.