Millers Falls No.2 Eggbeater Drill Type Study
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Type JI Side Handle versus Type F Side Handle

The use of a side handle on the No.2 drills commenced with the Type K3 when the two-jaw springless 1877 patent chuck was discontinued and a series of larger, three jaw chucks came into use.  At first, Millers Falls simply swiped the design of the egg-shaped crank knobs from their beam-boring machines, but the egg shape was awkward to hold and seemed never to be at the best orientation. The egg-shaped knob was always cross-pinned to its stud and couldn't be rotated to a more convenient orientation without making a carefully sized spacer.  

The solution was the doorknob-shaped handle which first appeared on the Type H.  The one shown here is on a Type F and most closely resembles rosewood of any that I have seen.  It is simply stained to look like that, however.  The egg-shaped side handle at the top (on a hybrid Type JI) is real rosewood.