Millers Falls No.2 Eggbeater Drill Type Study
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Frame and Gearing Changes from Type E to Type D

Frames of Type D at left & Type E at right Note that the Type D's frame at left now has a connection between the rear spindle bearing housing and the housing of the main gear's shaft, compared to the unconnected spindle bearing of the older Type E at right. There was also a change in the shape of the side handle between these two drills, from the "doorhandle" shape of the Type E to the smaller knob, shaped much like the Type D's crank handle. Not only that, but the number of teeth in the main gear went down from 76 in the Type E's main gear to 73 in the Type D's gear; and the pinion lost some teeth as well, from 17 to 16.  These changes came before the move from Millers Falls MA, to Greenfield, MA.

Type D bare frame in profile
Ted Sodt pointed out another change: The shaft on which the main gear turns is integral with the cast iron frame in Types K1 through E, but from D onwards the shaft is a steel insert, press fit into a fatter frame boss.

Ted's bare Type D frame above a complete Type E drill.
Ted's Type D over a Type E complete frame
Ted's Type D frame below another, complete Type D drill.
Complete type D over Ted's Type D bare frame