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The OldTools list was formed only a few years ago, but has already generated over 4750 digests of communications between users & collectors of old (hand) tools. These so-called Galoots talk about all aspects of tools, such as using them to work with wood and other materials as well as collecting the finer ones.

If you wish to subscribe to the OldTools list, simply visit:

Old Toools Mailing List

and include the words "SUBSCRIBE OLDTOOLS" in the body of the message,
followed by your (real) name, "John Q. Doe."

That will set you up to receive all the E-mails sent by listmembers to the server at:


You can elect to receive the large volume of mail in Digest form by sending another E-mail to the first E-mail address above, with the words "SET OLDTOOLS DIGEST" without your name in the body of the message. If this seems like Greek, then send an E-mail to the same server with the words "FAQ OLDTOOLS" in the body of the message.

The List members & ListMoms would prefer that you lurk for a while before sending anything to The List; when you're ready to participate fully, then it is customary to post a brief biographical sketch. To see what other Galoots have said about themselves in their own biographical sketches, see:

The Galoot Bio Index