Millers Falls No.1, 3 & 5 eggbeater drills
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Millers Falls No.3 eggbeater drill; Type 1A

T. Ralph Stumpe found and photographed this rare example of the first No.3 model, which has a roller idler that Millers Falls tried on their eggbeater drills in order to counter the tendency of the main and pinion gears to separate at the pitch line during heavy drilling.  Note that this drill and the other example presented here both have the short main handle, which would hold only the earliest drill bits, not the later helically fluted twist drills.  Ralph has confirmed that the gear ratio on his drill is 56/14 just like the Type 1 No.1 drills.
Thanks, Ralph, for permission to use your images.  They have been edited for color, contrast, and size to improve viewability.
Ralphe Stumpe's No.3 drill with roller idlerThis side of Ralph's drill has all the features of a Type 1 No.1 drill, but with a conical roller added on an extension of the main spindle to support the main gear.
Back side of T Ralph Stumpe's No.3 drillOn the back side, the innovation becomes quite clear - There is a toothless idler "gear."

Sounds like a great idea, but the spindle & idler rotate oppositely, increasing drag and encouraging the idler to slip over the main gear's teeth, quickly wearing them and the idler.

Note that the spindle is crooked where it engages the frame at the handle end - just like Randy Roeder'sScott Grandstaff's Type 1B drill, with an honest-to-goodness second pinion also has a misaligned spindle, its presence increasing the likelihood that all the Type 1A and Type 1B drills are of Millers Falls manufacture and not modified by someone else from Type 1's.
Type 1 main handle on Ralph Stumpe's No.3 drill
The main handle and chuck are Type 1.
Chuck of Ralph Stumpe's No.3 drill