Millers Falls No.1, 3 & 5 eggbeater drills
Type Study
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No. 1 Style eggbeater drill.
Type 0 - Prior to any of my Millers falls catalogs.
Here are three more of these Type 0 drills.  Compare to 595 and 605.
The main handle is not a user-made magazine type whose cap is held with a spring; it is manufactured
.  The main gear castings of these Type 0 drills are similar to those of the Type 000 in that they are flat (not dished) but they're not exactly the same diameter - 3.18 inch here vs. 3.29 inch for Type 000.  They also have similar spoke shapes.
Three more Millers Falls(?) No.1 drills, Type 0
Diamond points found in Drill 592's magazine
These are the diamond drill points found in the bottom drill's magazine.

 The upper five all have the same diameter, suitable for the Type 0 drill's simple split-spindle chuck.  The bottom one is a reamer that has a square cross section, tapered at one end.

The top drill shown here also had a single, similar diamond drill point in its magazine.