Millers Falls No.1, 3, 4 & 5 eggbeater drills
Type Study
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Millers Falls No.4 eggbeater drill; Type 1.

This type also has a non-dished (flat) main gear casting with cast-to-shape teeth.
The gear ratio of 44/14 teeth associates it with the Unknown Maker No.4 Type 0 drill, which also has a ratio of 44/14 teeth. In Randy Roeder's catalog study of the Millers Falls line of drills, this model was apparently designed for users of scroll saws, for which holes were often needed for threading the blade into blind cuts.

Millers Falls No.4 Type 1 drill
Note the apparent four-way split of the chuck shell used to keep the bits in the chuck; the threaded spindle has a socket for the bits but no splits.  Perhaps this drill used bits with larger diameter or bulged shanks that this arrangement could retain successfully.  Actually, there are only three splits in this chuck shell, suggesting that they are just cracks.  
The crank handle of this drill is about the same size and shape as that of the other No.4 drills, but it's attached with a headed shaft that's been peened on the back side of the cast crank in order to retain it.
Crank handle with headed pin
The main gear has no interference between the crank pin and its teeth because the crank arm has been extended.