Millers Falls No.1, 3 & 5 eggbeater drills
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Millers Falls No.1 eggbeater drill, Type 000

One of the first types shown in catalogs.

Only type in the 1-3-5 series with a non-dished (flat) main gear casting.
This drill has an unlined solid main handle.
The gear ratio of 68/17 teeth also differentiates it
from Type 1, which has a ratio of 56/14 teeth.
Both ratios (4:1) are "wrong" in the sense that patterns of wear will develop  after long use, as the same pairs of teeth repeatedly mesh every four revolutions. Millers Falls finally caught on to this principle with the Type 5, which has a ratio of 56/13.
Millers Falls No.1 drill, Type 000
The main handle of this drill is about the same size and shape as that of drill No.601.
Comparison - This drill above No.601
The main gear of this drill was machined from a casting that was flat. Later gears like No.601's below it were made from a dished casting to reduce the cracking of its spokes.
Comparison - This drill above No.601