Millers Falls No.1, 3 & 5 eggbeater drills
Type Study
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Millers Falls No.5 eggbeater drill
Type 7 - Now with "No.5" stamped on the spindle housing.
Some of the No.2 types were similarly stamped, but "No.2" of course. 
There are no other markings, not even on the no-springs, 3-jaw chuck.
The crank is not marked and is of a shape not seen on any other Millers Falls drill.
It might be a user-made crank, except that it has the same age patina as the rest of the drill.
Images by and with the permission of Dan Derickson; edited to fit page format.
With correct chuck
Dan was able to fit a more correct, three-jaw, no-springs chuck as shown above.
With the chuck with which it was obtained
Here the same drill is shown with the later type of chuck as Dan obtained it.
Reverse side of cast iron frame
The crank pin has been peened by someone, rather than riveted at a factory (above) and the end of the crank bears a small hint of file marks at its very end (center).
Crank handle

Newer chuck
Older chuck
Top: Type 15 (?) chuck. Bottom: No-springs chuck, w/o patent date.
Note that Type 6 and earlier No.'s 1, 3 & 5 drills have a cylindrical (i.e., tubular) ferrule on the main handle rather than the deep-drawn brass as seen in this drill.  No.2 drills had a problem with season cracking in these cold-worked ferrules not seen on most No.1, 3 or 5 drills.