Millers Falls No.1, 3 & 5 eggbeater drills
Type Study
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Precursor to the Millers Falls No.1 or No.4 eggbeater drills.
Type 000 - Only known example of this version.
Note the four-way-split spindle which grips the bit by tightening a nut
on the tapered spindle threads in a manner similar to the No.4 model. 
Found, photographed and researched by Chuck Zitur.
Chuck Zitur Type 000 drill
Chuck noticed a similarity of outline between his drill and a patent granted to Jonathan Hammond on October 11, 1875, below (edited for this format).  The details of the attachment of the pinion gear to the spindle do not correspond, but the patterns of the frames are similar.  Note that Hammond was granted his patent only three years before the Millers Falls No.1 first appeared in an 1878 Millers Falls catalog, so Hammond may have borrowed the frame outline from the drill shown above.  It appears to Chuck that Art DeKalb's drill is a skillfully executed repair of a broken example of the present drill; their gears & frames closely match.  To both Chuck and me this drill is a precursor to the line of drills manufactured and effectively marketed by the Millers Falls Company, as either the No.1 or the No.4 "jeweler's" drill.  There is an image of an eggbeater drill on Chuck's website whose frame closely resembles the drill shown here.
US Patent 168,741 by Jonathan Hammond
Comparison between Chuck Zitur drill and Jonathan Hammond patent No. 168,741
There's more to this story, including an interesting patternmaker's copy of the Type 1 or 2 Millers Falls No.3 that improves the idler pinion mechanism, on Chuck's website.