Millers Falls No.1, 3 & 5 eggbeater drills
Type Study
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Precursor to the Millers Falls No.1 eggbeater drill.
Type 00 - first type with the 2-jaw, no-springs chuck.
Only known example of this version.
Found and photographed by Art DeKalb.
Composite image from Art DeKalb's pictures
The crank knob is fastened exactly as for the Type 1 No.1 drill, with a thin washer under the riveted stub axle.  The brass ferrule may not be original.  The pad looks like rosewood.
The pinion gear below has a hand-fitted look to it.  I've asked Art to count the gear teeth ...

Gears and chuck - from images by Art DeKalb
The chuck has no markings, but it has the same form and size as the No.1 chuck patented on  August 14, 1877.