Geared Braces
by George Langford, Sc.D.

Corner Brace made by Lancaster Machine & Knife Works

 This is a catalog photograph of another corner brace, which was provided as provenance with the Atkins corner brace shown in the flesh elsewhere on this site.  Note that the chuck is the same, but the crank handle appears to be a casting that has sufficient offset to keep the nut on the crank handle's shaft from fouling the center handle of the brace.  Otherwise, this photograph (a digital copy of an offset printed image from what is presumably an auction catalog, hence the Moire patterns) very nearly matches the digital image of the Atkins corner brace. Return to Gear Braces page

The referenced patent for these drills is by Bennett & Bloedel, granted October 10, 1905.  The Lancaster Machine & Knife Works was located in Lancaster, New York.