Geared Braces
by George Langford, Sc.D.

Catalog Drawing for the Atkins Combination Corner Brace

This is the drawing of the Atkins gear brace that is found in the 1914 edition of the E.C.Atkins & Co. catalog as the "Atkins Combination Corner Brace." Return to Gear Braces page

This closer view of the same drawing as above shows the details of the bevel gears and ratchet mechanism, all of which are completely enclosed inside a cast aluminum housing.  Note that the bevel gears are only loaded when one turns the auxiliary crank and are "out of the loop" during the heavy-duty drilling that is possible with the standard double crank.

Only the ratchet is put under load then, but the cast aluminum housing applies the torque to that ratchet.  This is quite an early application of aluminum in a highly stressed part.