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by George Langford, Sc.D.
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Ultra-Rapid hand-drilling machine
designed for the
Argentine, Brazil & Philippine-Islands markets

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Sole distribution
for Argentine, Brazil, and Philippine Islands
Europa-Transocean Warenhandels-Compagnie m.b.H.
Berlin W 50 (Germany)    Neue Bayreuther Strasse 2
Ultra-Rapid is the best and the most rapid Hand-Drilling Machine
The effect: The drilling-speed of „Ultra-Rapid" is the double of that of an electric Hand-Drilling-Machine or seven times more as that of the best so-called American Hand-Drilling-Machine. This special speed is attained by the accurate constructional workmanship and by the enormous oscillating-power of the driver.
In experimentalizing to drill we had the following result, where all 3 machines were working with 5 mm spiral drill in 6,5 mm angle-iron and for a time of 3 1/2
minutes real drilling and without marking any center:

                                      Number of the                Average-time for
                                  attained drilled holes            drilling a hole

American Hand-Drilling-Machine    4                          30 seconds
(as illustrated on the right)                                
Electric Hand-Drilling                   13                          9 seconds
Machine (in the middle)                                     
Hand-Drilling-Machine                 28                       4 1/3 seconds
„Ultra-Rapid" (on the left)

„Ultra-Rapid" is drilling up to 10 mm diameter in steel, iron and other metals and materials with a speed not attained before.

Construction: „Ultra-Rapid", by a special arrangement of the balbearings, is working with a perfect ease and its wheels are not consuming unprofitable power,  because they are no bevel wheels at which the theeth are touching only on a single point and therefore are upsetting very often, but „Ultra-Rapid" is provided with broad spur-gears, precisely cut and working on the whole flank. The extra long boring-bar guarantees an uniform motion. Bevel-wheelgearing is avoided.

Advantages: The high-effect drilling-machine, „Ultra-Rapid" is independent of electric current, always ready for use and adjustable to two different
speeds.  Uniformity of running and less breakage of drills, because of its driving-crank lying centrically to the drilling-arbor always entirely uniform motion in drilling, no jolting, no rattling. „Ultra-Rapid" is overcoming any resistance of drilling and is therefore transmitting wholly all strength and pressure into drilling-effect respectively into drilling-speed. Transportable without trouble. Especially suitable for Mounting-works as Hand-Grinding-Machine for drills

and other tools, further for wimbling the holes and as a Tapping-Machine. „Ultra-Rapid" used as a Tapping
Machine unites the advantages of a
screw-plate (sensitiveness) and those of a Tapping-Machine (speed).

Economy: No consumption of electric current by a drilling-effect of the double at least, little wear and tear, because bevel-wheel gearing is avoided, less breakage of drills, economy in Workingtime. „Ultra-Rapid" makes needless the purchase and the transport of Grinding-Machine and Tapping-Machine.

Weight: Net weight about 4 kilos. Original case    contains 10 machine complete in extra boxes with accessories, and weighs ab. 120 kilos.

Directions for use: „Ultra-Rapid" only requires for boring a quick and uniform tempo.

The cog-wheel being on the lengthening of the arbor is provided with an elastic spring.  By pressing this spring in the direction of the periphery of the cog-wheel, this wheel can be pushed forward or backward in the direction of the boring-arbor and in this way, the different speeds can be regulated.
After having fixed the screw-clamp, „Ultra-Rapid" has to be put with the red painted hole being at the hoop, on the same level with the handle the pivot of the binding-screw and thus in such way, that the boring-chuck is coming to the right hand and the
handle has to be turned with the left hand (whilst the right hand has to hold the working-piece). Then the connecting sheave has to be put on the pivot in such a manner, that the notch in the upper right corner is at the inside.

Now fix and screw the winged nut and „Ultra-Rapid" is ready for serving as Grinding-Machine and Tapping-Machine.

In every shop for workmen and foremen as well as for enginefitter on out-door-works, further for ship-yards, in mines and in the workshops of Railroads, Gas, Water, Electricity companies and Motor-cars.

Delivery: „Ultra-Rapid" will be delivered with a „Samson" double-cheek boring chuck up to 10 mm, together with a key, a grinding-sheave, a screw-clamp and with a portable case with handle.

Large stock on hand, therefore always ready for delivery.
Sole distribution
for Argentine, Brazil, and Philippine Islands
Europa-Transocean Warenhandels-Compagnie m.b.H.
Berlin W 50 (Germany)      Neue Bayreuther Strasse 2