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Fulton Special eight inch swing brace, with patent chuck and unpatented ratchet. 

Fulton Special US Patent No. 488,691
Pad view
Patented chuck, unpatented ratchet
Wrist handle
The wrist handle is shown with two adjustable ferrules, each affixed with a setscrew, in US Patent No. 488,691.
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This "Fulton Special" eight inch swing brace is in original, uncleaned condition with all its faculties. It has rosewood handles, but it nickel plating is about 90% lost; the remainder isn't flaking, so there aren't any sharp corners.

The Albert D. Goodell U.S. Patent No. 488,691 is followed insofar as the sprung jaws, wrist handle and overall outline are concerned, but the ratchet mechanism more closely resembles that of Brace B&D-58 than it does Goodell's patent. In the present brace, the manufacturer has abandoned the totally enclosed feature of Brace B&D-58 and has made assembly far easier.
US Patent No. 488,691
Even though neither the ratchet mechanism of Brace B&D-58 nor that of the present brace follow the patent shown at left, there are ratchet braces in existence that do follow this patent. Watch this space ...