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C.E. Jennings eight inch brace with patent chuck and unpatented ratchet.

C.E. Jennings brace
Head view
Patented jaws
Another brace shown taken apart
Years ago I found another example of the same brace in damaged condition. I took it apart to investigate, but I had to guess at the shape of the spring for the ratchet, as that was missing. This is a "ship-in-the-bottle" assembly task, as it all as to fit through the opening for the spindle.
Operation of the ratchet mechanism
The sequence at left indicates how the selector controls the operation of the ratchet. Again, I made this spring as a best-guess attempt to reproduce the missing original.

Note that the chuck shell, wrist handle, pad and general shape all match the present, intact brace.

The pawls each have a tiny hole at the base for a wire to act as an assembly aid.
Price: $75.00 plus shipping 

  This brace was made by the C.E. Jennings company, but the patent date of December 27, 1892 corresponds to U.S. Patent No. 488,691, shown below. The brace jaws and their delicate springs are present in this brace, as is the arrangement for aligning the wrist handle, but the ratchet mechanism is different, even though the external selector lever is quite similar. I have not found any relevant patent for this mechanism, which is completely enclosed within the cast iron housing.

The brace itself works fine, with only a crack in the wrist handle to be mentioned.

US Patent No. 488,691 by Albert Goodell