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Fulton Special ten inch sweep brace following Albert Goodell's patent. 

Fulton Special brace
Other side
Head view
Chuck apart
Both handles were made from rosewood:
Wrist handle
Fulton Special, U.S. Patent No.488,869:
Maker's mark & patent date:
Price: $70.00 plus shipping

There are few apologies for this brace, as it has never been abused, except for the ongoing loss of its nickel plating, about half gone now with much raggedness at the boundaries of the flaking. All the functions are there, except that the ratchet still isn't that depicted in the patent. The wood is minimally blemished rosewood. It proudly carries the name of its marketing company as well as the number of Albert Goodell's December 27, 1892 U.S. patent:

U.S. Patent No. 488,691