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E.C. Atkin(sic) eleven inch sweep brace made by J.S. Fray with ball bearing chuck. 

E.C. Atkin (sic) brace made by J.S. Fray
Other side
Head view
Chuck views
The pad is lignum vitae; the wrist handle is rosewood:
No. 5112
E.C. Atkin & Co.
Indianapolis, Ind.

Wrist handle
Model Number 5102
E.C. Atkin(sic) & Co. Indianapolis, Ind.

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Price: $65.00 plus shipping

The E.C. Atkins company was known for the manufacture of saws, particularly lumbermen's saws, so they commissioned other manufacturers to make various forestry tools to be sold under the Atkins name. See B&D-134. The present brace has a ball bearing chuck patented by John S. Fray, so its is probably safe to assume that the Fray firm actually made it ... and stamped the bow with a die having a typographical error, i.e., a missing "S" at the end of the Atkins name. Better to spell your client's name correctly.
Below is a portion of page 235 of the E. C. Atkins Catalog 18 of 1919, courtesy of, showing the present brace.
E.C. Atkins Catalog 18, page 235, from Wiktor Kuc's website