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Goodell-Pratt ten inch sweep No.2510 brace with patented ratchet and chuck. 

Goodell-Pratt ratchet brace
Other side
Head view
Chuck apart
Chuck's patent date
Both handles were made from rosewood; the wrist handle has conical ferrules:
Ratchet instructions and patent date:

Wrist handle
Ratchet patent & instructions
Price: $110.00 plus shipping

There are no issues with this heavy-duty brace, except for the loss of much of the red paint from the ratchet housing and about ten percent of the lacquer finish from the pad. There are actually no signs of an use of this brace, as the jaws are unmarked. This is Goodell-Pratt's Page 318 brace (first shown in the 1926 G-P catalog) a.k.a. their No.2510 brace, made only from 1926 to 1930 with the present rosewood handles. Fred Farley's U.S.Patent No. 1,508,512 for the ratchet was first applied to a Goodell-Pratt breast drill as shown below, left. Then Lloyd Miller's U.S. Patent No. 1,593,908 was incorporated for the brace's chuck as shown below, right. The chuck's hardened steel jaws, shell and body, as well as its wrench-ready nose indicate that use with round-shanked and No.1 Morse taper drill bits is entirely practical, even without ball bearings in the chuck. The ratchet functions with very little drag.
FredFarleyG-P848.JPG for an earlier description.
U.S. Patent No. 1,508,512
U.S. Patent No. 1,593,908