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Caspar Reising brace with patented chuck and patented ratchet true to patent. 

Caspar Reising brace
Other side
Head view
Chuck apart
Ratchet selectors
Ratchet - top view
Wrist handle is rosewood and is in good condition:
The patent date on the chuck originally read Sept. 13, 1881:
Wrist Handle
Patent date stamped on chuck shell
PEXTO-17 (a.k.a. B&D-109)
Price: $65.00 plus shipping

The chuck follows Obed Peck's Sept. 13, 1881 patent, but the ratchet mechanism follows exactly Caspar Reising's later Dec. 30, 1884 patent, with the awkward result that one cannot select "freewheeling" like PEXTO's subsequent versions of braces made under the granted Reising patent. This dates the brace to the one-year period running subsequent to the granting of the Peck patent and one year prior to Reising's application for his patent: not Sept. 13, 1881 to Jan. 31, 1883, but Feb. 1, 1882 to Jan. 31, 1883. After Jan. 31, 1883 the ratchet housing would have had to be stamped, Pat. Appl'd For.

The chuck and ratchet both function properly, and the frame is well aligned, in spite of one of the issues mentioned below:

The brace has a couple of issues: The ratchet housing had become separated from the wire frame and was soldered back on, but without an intact pin to affix it securely, so it is somewhat wobbly. One of the forks of the spindle that drives the jaws has lost is tip to breakage, and the other side of the fork was truncated with a saw to even things up, but the chuck still functions OK.

The rosewood handles each have suffered a number of dings, but both are intact and functional.
Obed Peck's US Patent No.246,904
Caspar Reising's US Patent No. 309,876