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Hendey No.3 (3H) Collets that are Surplus to My Needs

Top view of the Hendey Size 3H collets
These collets came to me along with some Ames 1AM collets at the most recent Cabin Fever Auction in York, Pennsylvania.

I have no machine that these collets fit, but their threads and keyways look undamaged.

The table inserted below indicates the markings on the collets:

Hrdg3H. 9/16
Hndy3. 11/16
Hndy3. 9/16 Hrdg3H. 11/16 Hndy3. 113/16 Hrdg3H. NoSize
Hrdg3H 1/2
Hrdg3H. 1/16 Hndy. 1/8
Hrdg3H. 1/4 Hndy. 3/8 Hrdg. 1/2

Threads and Keyways of the Hendey No. 3H collets
In the table inserted above,
Hrdg3H means "Hardinge 3H;"
Hndy3 means Hendey No.3;" and
Hndy means "Hendey" without the "No.3."

I've arranged the sizes with the duplicates in tandem; that's why there are blanks on the table inserted above.  The duplicates are the 1/2 inch, 9/16ths inch, and 11/16ths inch sizes.

As you can see from the markings, the collets were made either by Hardinge (No.3H size) or by/for Hendey (No.3 size).  They all have the same thread and body size.

They are each priced at $5.00, except for the Hardinge 3H -1/2 inch collet, whose nose is worn, and the "No Size" collet, whose size has been obliterated; those are $3.00 each. 

Shipping extra, at cost.