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Yankee Braces - A Type Study of Sorts
by George Langford
March 7, 2007

Group W - A ten-inch swing Whimble brace made after the North Bros. Mfg. Co.'s
name was changed to Yankee Tools Inc. by the new owner, Stanley Tools.


Although neither North Bros. or Stanley ever made a fourteen-inch version of this series, probably because the spindle is rather slender, deep down inside that mysterious ratchet mechanism, the former North Bros. factory did venture into the Whimble field to make this excellent example of an aerobic device.

It's designated as B&D-W1 and
is priced at SOLD.

No one ever hammered on this ratchet box cover in order to get a screw-point bit started, probably because there are so few human beings with three arms.

This is the only brace I have ever seen in this series that has the former North Bros. division re-named as Yankee Tools  Inc.

Stanley Yankee No. 2101-W Whimble brace

Pad construction

Yankee inlay

No dings on ratchet cover

Yankee Tools Inc.

Chuck apart