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Miscellaneous interesting bits.
ACMB-35 through ACMB-49
ACMB-35 This unmarked spanner slip-adjusts over a range between 1/2 inch and one inch plus.  It appears quite robust; the movable arm is 9/64 inch thick.  Price: $20.00 plus shipping.
Unmarked adjustable spanner

The business end is well finished:
Closeup view

ACMB-36 Hargrave plug cutter, 3/4 inch size.
Price: $20.00 plus shipping.
Hargrave plug cutter, 3/4 inch size
Makers mark:
Makers mark
Business end:
Business end
ACMB-37 A blacksmith-made plug cutter; cuts 9/16th inch hole.
 Rather rough surface, but functional. Price: $8.00 plus shipping.Blacksmith-made plug cutter
Appears to have been hammer welded.
Blacksmith-made plug cutter

ACMB-39 Wiley & Russel tapered reamer in the 3/4 - 1/32 inch size ...
Price: $8.00 plus shipping.
Wiley & Russel reamer, 3/4 inch - 1/32nd
Lots of bold markings on this tool !
Makers marks
ACMB-40 Blacksmith-made plug cutter, unmarked.
Price: $6.00 plus shipping.
Blacksmith-made plug cutter, unmarked
Here's a very
different pattern !
Business end
ACMB-41 It looks as though this blacksmith-made plug cutter will make a hole about 5/8ths to 3/4qrs of an inch - the business end is less than a semicircle.  Not marked.  Price: $8.00 plus shipping.
Blacksmith-made plug cutter, unmarked
This business end is
more conventional:
Business end
ACMB-42 This blacksmith-made tap appears more suited to the repair of stripped nuts than the cutting of new threads.  Twenty threads in one inch;
diameter about 3/8ths inch. 
Price: $6.00 plus shipping.
Blacksmith-made tap, unmarked
There isn't any thread
relief here:
Business end
ACMB-43 This 3-1/2 inch blacksmith-made bit may not have been intended for rotary cutting, as the teeth point both ways ... Price: $8.00 plus shipping.
Blacksmith-made serrated bit of unknown function
There isn't any handed-ness to these mean-looking teeth:
Business end; two views
No makers marks.
ACMB-44 Finely hand-finished saw-nut bit, unmarked.
The span is about 9/32 inch. 
Price: $8.00 plus shipping.
Saw-nut bit, blacksmith-made; unmarked
The business end is configured both for tightening and for loosening:
Business end
ACMB-45 These tapered reamers are both about the same size in spite of their 5-inch and 6-inch lengths.  They each have a semi-circular outline and cut along a single edge.  They are in need of cleaning.  Just under 1/2 inch max cutting diameter.  Price: $10.00 plus shipping.
A pair ofsemi-circular tapered reamers; unmarked
In these images, the dark sides are flat and the light sides are semi-circular:
Business ends
ACMB-47 Wells Bros of Greenfield, Massachusetts, made this4-1/2 inch countersink.  It is marked for use in seating the heads of wheel or tire bolts.  Looks like a 60 degree included angle.  Price: $8.00 plus shipping.
Wells Bros countersink for tire bolts
Makers markings
ACMB-48 This clean countersink is made in two parts to facilitate sharpening, but was not opened for sharpening.  At least, it wasn't sharpened on the outside !  Price: $5.00 plus shipping.
Unmarked two-part countersink
The inside cutting edges were incorrectly sharpened:
Business end, two views
The screw isn't stuck.
ACMB-49 This two-part countersink was made by the Syracuse Twist Drill Company (S.T.D. Co.) and is in fine condition underneath the dirt.
Price: $15.00 plus shipping.
Two-piece countersink made by STD Co.
The screw isn't damaged and turns OK.
Business end & markers mark