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Ransom Cook patent auger bit sets ... almost sets, that is.
There are two sets shown below because there appear to be two manufacturers, L&G (possibly Lamson & Goodnow of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, according to the Directory of American Toolmakers, Ed. by the late Bob Nelson) and perhaps Ransom Cook himself.  Note that there are no differences in workmanship or style between the two sets.  These bits will enlarge an existing hole easier than will Jennings bits.  They are mostly around 150 years old.
US Patent No. 8,162 by Ransom Cook
The patent text is so succinct that I present all of it, as shown at right.  Ransom Cook went on to have this patent extended another seven years (24 years in all) to June 17, 1865.  In the meantime, he got other patents, one a reissue of this patent, re-designated No.RE2,513 and dated March 19, 1867 with clearer illustrations but the same claims.  In the interim he patented a machine for making the augers, US Patent No.12,583, on March 27, 1855 as well the actual method of making them, in US Patent No.13,780, issued November 13, 1855. Below is US Patent No.RE2,513.
US Patent No.8,162
USPatent No. 8,162 June 17, 1851
Page 1 of US Patent No.RE2,513
The drawings at left are much clearer than the ones in US Patent No.8,162, of which this is the re-issue.  The claims are much the same.
Claims of US Patent No.RE2,513
In addition to these two sets of Cook's patent auger bits, I have several additional sets to be sold as "surplus to my needs."

See: Set 3 - Three individual L&G Cook's patent 1851 bits.
       Set 4 -
Four of James Swan's more recent efforts.
       Set 5 - Three more L&G auger bits.

Set 3's three Cook's patent auger bits: Three L&G Mfg. Co. Cook's patent bits
Here's the logo impressed around the shank of one of the James Swan Cook patent auger bits (two images pieced together):
James Swan logo
Set 5's three Cook's patent auger bits:
Three L&G Mfg. Co. Cook's patent bits
Contrast US Patent No.13,870, granted just 4-1/2years after US Patent No.8,162, for this mechanized practice that Ransom Cook developed for making his augers.
Drawings for US Patent No.13,870
Just tell me the method, Ma'am (taken out of context):

Method for US Patent No.13,870
L.&G. MFG. CO. COOK's PAT. 1851 Set 1 is marked:
L.&G. MFG. CO. COOK's PAT. 1851
PAT EXT'D JUNE 17, '65
A few of these are marked:

The bits are displayed below in the same James Swan auger bit box.  James Swan advertises his own Cook's patent bits in the upper insert in the box.

PAT'D BY R.COOK in 1851 Set 2 is marked:
PAT. BY R. COOK JUNE 17, 1851
Just one says:
PAT'D BY R. COOK JUNE 17, 1851
Pat. EXT'D JUNE 17,65
Another one has the

maker's mark.
Ransom Cook patent auger bits - Set 1
Ransom Cook patent auger bits - Set 2
Business ends of Set 1
Business ends of Set 2
Set 1 - Closeups (shown brighter than actual apearance)
Largest three bits
Next to largest two bits
Next larger two bits
Middle three bits
Three smaller bits
Smallest four bits
four bits
Set 2 - Closeups (also brighter)
two bits
Largest two bits
Next larger two bits
Next to largest two bits
Three smaller bits
Three smaller bits
The three smallest bits
Smallest three bits