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PEXTO Braces -  Another Type Study of Sorts
by George Langford

Overall view

Brace PEXTO-07 - P.S.&W.Co.
Price: $20.00 plus shipping.

Almost none of the nickel plating remains, but the steel surface has a pleasant, smooth patina with a few shallow pits.  There are three old nicks (from a hatchet ?) on the bow near the quill where they do no functional harm.  The pad is lignum vitae; the wrist handle is rosewood.  This brace's principal claim to fame is the Altwein patent jaws & spring, bottom right.

July 9, 1895 Smith patent date on shell of chuck
The July 9, 1895 patent date clearly stamped on the shell of the chuck is shown above.  The ball bearings and the affixing screw are all replacements that I installed.
Nearly illegible circular P.S.&W.Co. trademark stamped on bow:
Pexto logo
The (cracked) wrist handle is shown below.  It has no adjustment mechanism for perfecting the clearance between the handle and ferrules.
Wrist - non-adjustable ferrules
The elaborate spring and jaws were invented by Oscar Altwein in US Patent No. 982,559, granted January 24, 1911. The ratchet housing is solid but shows some scars.
Chuck view
Pad view
Chuck off