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PEXTO Braces -  Another Type Study of Sorts
by George Langford

Overall P.S.&W.Co. No.1202 brace

Brace PEXTO-06 - P.S.&W.Co. No.1202
Price: $15.00 plus shipping.

Only about 5% of the nickel plating remains, but the steel surface has a pleasant, smooth patina with no pitting.  The pad is lignum vitae; the wrist handle is rosewood.

Cracked ratchet housing
This brace has had an unfortunate event that cracked the ratchet housing. The crack affects the top quarter of the casting, as though the user forced the brace sideways, towards his body, while the bow was also facing towards his body.

The ratchet pawls are the later style, not like the serrated ones in the original patent drawings.
July 9, 1895 Smith patent date on chuck The July 9, 1895 patent date clearly stamped on the shell of the chuck is shown at left.  The ball bearings and the affixing screw are all replacements that I installed.

P.S.&W.Co. trademark stamped on bow:

P.S.&W.Co. No.1202 on bow
The (cracked) wrist handle is shown below.  It has the adjustment mechanism for perfecting the clearance between the hanle and ferrules.  I have not found any patent that applies to this arrangement.
Wrist handle with adjusting screws
The spring keeping the crispy jaws follows the outline in the drawing for the patent granted to Pardon Whitney and Robert Ellrich on May 29, 1906.  As with all the other alligator jaws in this series, the teeth interlock so as to keep them aligned.
Chuck view
Pad view
Chuck off